The month has ended yet again! Happy month end to you blog readers. How has the month been? Got any gist for Dee? I am sure you have one thing or the other to talk about.

Remember the beginning of the month where we talked about goals, dreams, deliverables and aspirations? Were you able to meet your targets as the month comes to an end? What were you able to finish, what were the things still left undone!

How does the fact that you did not concluded certain tasks make you feel? Indifferent? Sad? You don’t even need to be any of these, the new month is here now and the opportunity to achieve more is upon us.

Glad that you even made it till this day. A lot of readers may have started the month with us but are not here at this time. May their souls rest in peace!

What are your plans as the new month calls on us! Care to share with me? I’d love to hear them.

Let’s say this word of prayer together as the new month comes in:

Dear God, I thank you for the old month that is leaving now, and I welcome the new month into my life. I put all my actions and activities into you hands yet again and I pray that you take perfect control. I know I had things to conclude in the old month, and the new month is here again with added responsibilities. Please take charge and take control.

I put my family and friends up unto you, take the wheel and help them with directions as they walk the path of life in this new month. Let your name be praised and glorified. Amen.

Happy month end people and happy new month to us all. Cheers!

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