Who says you can’t call it happy international French fry day!? Chillie cheese, curly or waffle fries!? Which are you getting for you and ME!? Happy National French fry day. In the United States, Canada and several other countries, the French fry day is celebrated by gobbling up the many classic varieties of food.

The french fry day is celebrated on the 13th July every year to celebrate all the various food that comes from the French fry.

What to do to show a Happy National French Fry Day

Call a couple of your foodie friends together and have fun with the tasty fries and all that comes with it.

Cut all the fires into funny and creatives dishes and share the pictures of the fry and all your friends having fun up on social media. It will be fun to know what you’ve got up your sleeve on the French fry day, won’t it!?

Hilarious facts you should know about the National French Fry Day

French fry actually never originated from France, so don’t get it misconstrued. The French has its origination from BELGIUM. Gorrit!?

The way fries are eaten vary from country to country. Europeans love to have ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together for the French fries while the English love the Malt VINEGAR.

Different countries name their French fries differently. For instance, French fry is names fritters or pomme frites in France and Belgium while in England, French fry is named as CHIPS. WHAT DO YOU CALL FRENCH FRIES IN YOUR COUNTRY?

Do you know that French fries have become the National Snack in the Netherlands!? YES!

How do you love to have your French fries eaten!? Feel free to share with me. I wish you the very best of the French fries day. Happy National French Fry Day. Care to share French fries with me!? I wouldn’t mind.




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