I wish they could declare a public holiday in Nigeria for National Lazy day. Hehe! I am sure quite a number of you will like that. I know that feeling right? Happy national lazy day. Whether you are in Nigeria or the United States, celebrate the National lazy day by lounging at ‘say’ maybe your workplace, school or wherever you find yourself. It’s a day to laze around, isn’t it?

happy national lazy day

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If you are in Lagos though, and you are on the lookout for who to laze around with. I am sitting right by the door expecting your call. LOL! You will call me, right?

happy national lazy day

When is Happy National lazy day?

Celebrated on the 10th of August every year, the National Lazy day has indeed come to stay. Although, the origin of the National Lazy day could not be ascertained as we speak ( we could insinuate that the founders were too busy lazying around that year take proper details and record of what they started..LOL..Lazy people..hahaha), but the trend seem to have caught on with a lot of people, and now everyone is getting that one day chance to take a break from work and ease off stress.

How is the National lazy day in your country?

I would need feedback from you. I am sure the National lazy day is observed in the United States (or not), therefore if you are American and reading this post, kindly drop your comment, and get on to the gist on how you are going to spend today (or how your National lazy day was spent), Is there a National lazy day 2017 in United Kingdom? or National lazy day Germany? or even our darling National lazy day Nigeria ( I doubt it because I am here and there is nothing of that sort happening).

happy national lazy day


What am I going to do today?

I have plans to conclude the Big Bang theory Season 10! For the movie lovers, I am still way behind in watching the movie right? Not to worry, that’s the purpose of the National lazy day. In case you have not seen this amazing dry humour movie then you can check out details of the Big Bang theory movie here. Also, read a couple of books on tax to help me on contents for the tax blog that I am developing content for. Then I wait for guys to call me up for some lazying around town.

So much for lazying around right?

happy national lazy day

What are your plans for the National lazy day. Happy National lazy day from lazy Dee to lazy you! have fun!

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  1. Janet

    Oops! Who will love that?Ladies or guys? As for me two things I wld wish to do…1: shear the lazy day with’him’ 2: if not ‘1’ sleep throughout d day.Wink***


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