Where is your fiancee? Close or afar? these happy new month messages to my fiancee will make a lot of sense for you to send in this new month. What do you say?

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Just before anything, I’d love to wish you a happy new month already, just the way you would wish your fiancee, but let’s take it a notch higher, what if we get a little creative with the happy new month messages to my fiancee?

In here is where you will find the best and most creative happy new month messages to my fiancee that you to send your new month wishes.

Are you ready? Fly on then:

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10 Cute happy new month messages to my fiancee

1. In this new month I pray that God will heal all your wounds and take you from your present place to your promised land. happy new month darling fiancee, I love you.

2. Time does not stop for anybody, it moves at an alarming speed. But always know this that not matter how time flies, my love for you will remain same. It will always stay here and not fly to anywhere. Happy new month fiancee, May God bless and keep you for me. Amen.

3. Anytime you smile, my days remains as bright as ever. You light up my world with your smile and I wish and pray that you keep smiling that way. I love you darling, happy new month fiancee.

4. New month comes with its challenges that mixes with our goals and things we aspire to. I pray that your overcome any challenges that come your way in this new month. You will be a blessing to all in this new month. Happy new month baby. Have a blast.

5. I pray that in this new month, God will keep you away from all terrible occurrences. You will encounter no problems in this new month and if you do, the power of God will fill you enough to overcome them. I love you dear, happy new month.

6. The month is upon us yet again, get ready, set, and go into your month of riches and a month where you fulfill your purpose. Have a great month ahead, God is with you already. Enjoy baby.

7. Forget about the month gone past and welcome the new month arrival with your hands. May your days be sunny and your night be as gentle and calm as ever. Happy new month darling fiancee, go forth and prosper.

8. I know this new month will bring in new hopes and increased financial capacity for you. Did I hear you claiming it already? It is your month os satisfaction dearie. Enjoy it to the fullest, God is with you already. Happy new month.

9. Continue your drive in this new month just as you have left it in the last month, and trust me your efforts will pay off soon. God is with you already. Stay strong and belief in the almighty God. You will be surprised soon, your sun will shine. Happy new month fiancee.

10. Say your prayers to God at the beginning of this new month. Cast all your fears on him because he is always there for  you. He will always put you into consideration and will support all your dreams in this new month. Believe in him and your month will be filled with surprises. happy new month baby, I believe in you.

10 Romantic happy new month messages to my fiancee

11. I pray today that more opportunities will come your way so that you can achieve what you intend to achieve in this new month. All the negatives of the last month will turn into positives in this new month. happy new month to you fiancee. This is our month already. Amen.

12. May the sun that shines in the new month bring with it the goodness and blessings of a new month. May we never lack anything good in the beautiful monthg, and may you be surrounded with the grace of God in everything you do. happy new month darling. Go into the new month with grace.

13. You need to forget about the past, the lost jobs, the sleepless nights, the battles with sadness and the seeming hopelessness that you think is around you. The new month is now here and all you need to do is to report everything to God and believe in him to cause a mighty turnaround in your life. He will do everything for, all you need to do us to BELIEVE, and  you will be shocked and amazed as to what he can do. Happy new month fiancee.

14.This is the perfect time for you to forget about the pain of the past. Do not allow all your efforts be in vain. Get ready for new things and new opportunities, your struggles did not end with the last month, it continues with the new month. Stay positive and lines will fall into beautiful places for you. Trust God for everything.

15. As the new month of October commences, here are my wishes for you darling. That you experience the greatest joy, happiness and fulfillment, and may all what you wished for come to pass. May you be a living testimony to everyone around. May people who feel you cannot amount to anything in life come around to celebrate your success. Happy new month fiancee, God is on your case already.

16. Stay strong and remain agitated positively for your dreams. You will soon be the best in your field. Happy new month dear.

17. There will always be times when you feel things are not going right, but trust in God for perfection and he will perfect everything for you. Happy new month!

18. This is the beginning of greater and exciting things in your life. Take charge of your future from now dear. Happy new month to you. May God bless you. Happy new month.

19. The light of God is already shining shining in your life. See? Happy new month.

20. Go with grace for God is with you. Happy new month.

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