November is here. Happy new month to you guys. You will find here amazing collection of happy new month of November messages that you can share with loved ones. My collections are amazing happy new month of November messages of wishes, cute happy new month of November messages, prayerful happy new month of November, cool happy new month of November messages.

Happy new month of November messages

1. I have been told that your tomorrow will be greater than today, so here am I sending my blog wishes to you and praying that you receive all the best greatness that your life deserves. You are born to be great and great will you be. Cast all your cares to God and he will be with you always and forever. Happy new month to you.

2. When it is your turn to shine, no will will ever stop you from shining. When it is your turn to be glorified, no one will stop you from being glorified. When it is your turn to receive the blessings of the almighty, no one will stop because God has got everything settled for you. Keep calm, greatness is coming. Happy new month.

3. Why won’t you dance like David danced when your new month is here. When won’t you shout like Moses shouted when amazing testimony will fill your mouth in this new month. Why won’t you cry tears of Joy like Sarah did when what you have been praying for in this new month will become yours. Take charge for your month has come. Happy new month.

4. Remember to worship God in spirit and in truth this new month because that is the perfect tonic for a fulfilling month and year for you. Give praise to God and let your thanksgiving be more than your supplications. He will surprise you in this new month and you will be happy for the rest of your life. Happy new month to you.

5. Last month was the month when God did amazing stuff in my life, and all I just did was thank him all the time. This month is your turn to receive the amazing blessing of God. The blessing that will want to make you dance for a whole day. It is coming, it is on the way. Believe it and accept with faith. God will perform wonder in your life. Happy new month to you.

6. God did not say we won’t see enemies. God did not say we won’t see principalities and powers. God said he will give us the power to overcome them and power to trample on them because he has given us dominion over principalities and powers. He has made us stronger against the vices of the world. The new month is another assurance that he will protect us from the evil in the world. Happy new month.

7. Great is the faithfulness of the mighty God. He is the one that sets us apart from others. He glorifies us just as we glorify him he sets us on a high and bless us when we are faced with uncertainties. God is with you in this new month and he will make ways where there is no way for you. Be rest assured and put all your trust in him. Happy new month.

8 God will bless you in this new month because you are pure in heart. God will bless you because you are humble in spirit. God will bless you because you have remain steadfast in your faith in him. Now is your time to rejoice for you will receive your reward from God in this new month. Remain steadfast and believe in him, he’s got you.

9. God will shield you from the enemies in this new month. He will arise for you and smite all evils that may hinder your progress.  He will break the teeth of the wicked for your cause and he will answers all your prayers in the new month. Believe in him and all your prayers will be answered soon. Happy new month to you.

10. This new month, God will listen to your voice of meditation. God will provide a refuge for you in this new month. God will create a refuge for you in his kingdom. He will bless you more than you can ever imagine. God will calm your troubled soul in this new month and make you an outstanding person yet again. Happy new month to you.

Happy new month November

11. All your failures of the times past will turn to success in this new month. God will take you higher in this new month. He will put songs of praise and testimony in your mouth. Have an amazing new month.

12. When you give thanks to God and exalt his name for the marvelous works he has done. He will be so happy and bless you with the gifts of life that you need to forge ahead in the new month. He will surprise you with amazing blessings in this new month when you continue to believe in him. God’s got you as always.Happy new month.

13. God will not hide his face from you in this new month. God will not forsake you in this new month. He will prevail on all enemies for you. God will preserve you and make you excellent in him this new month.

14. God will keep you as the happy of his eyes in this new month. He will hide you under the shadow of his wings. He will confront all the enemies on your behalf. He will take you higher above the reach of the wicked ones. He will satisfy you with his riches in this new month. Happy new month dear child of God.

15. When you call on the name of God in days of trouble, he will come listen to you and provide you succour. He will deal with everything on your behalf and make sure you smile again. This is your month of excitement and multiple dose of happiness. Happy new month to you.

16. God will hear your cries in this new month, he will have mercy on you. God will not forsake in this new month, he will take up higher when everyone has left or forsaken you. He will make you smile again. Believe in him and trust him for everything and he will do all for you. Happy new month


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