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Why not send these amazing happy new month prayers messages and let your prayers flow around.

On this post, you will get the best collection of sample happy new month prayer messages, goodwill messages, and quotes that can be sent to your lover and even loved ones.

20 Happy new month prayer messages

1 You are welcome to a new month. It is time for you to match into your throne of grace. This new month, I pray for blessings all year round. You will be uplifted in all ramifications, joy unspeakable and undoubtable happiness. You will never lack any good thing in your life in this new month. Happy new month to you.

2 Hello Dear, have you heard? That your moment of blessing is this new month. That the Lord has promised never to leave nor forsake you. That you will rise above your equals and that you will always find favour in the sight of men. Happy new month.

3 There is a place for you. A place for kings and queens, a place where the noblest of this world are. I pray that you remain in this place, this new month and forever. Happy new month dear. May God be with you.

4 I pray that everyday gives you the opportunity to see life in all positives and appreciate the goodness of God in your life. Do have a happy new month and let God be the one to guide your ways and directions. Stay safe.

5 In this new month, the favour of God will surround you, The mercies of God will be on your, You will experience happiness in all ramifications and you will make it more than you can imagine. The glory of God will radiate in all corners of your life. Your troubles will come to nothing because God will cement all cracks on your wall this new month.

6 In this new month, the story of your life has already been written by God. He will course everything around you to work together for your good. He will rise and fight on your behalf. You will have every reason to stand, raise your head up and smile because it is your month. Happy new month to you darling.

7 Why are you sad, why fret so hard? Have you forgotten the word of God? That said all enemies shall be cast away from you. He will make sure you stay happy and fulfil your purpose of existence. It is your month dear. Happy new month to you.

8 Your door of favour and blessings are already opening for you. Blessings will come from left, right, front and centre because God has promised to bless you. You will be shocked at the numerous blessings that will come your way this new month. Have a great month dear. Rise and shine.

9 Just as you have opened your eyes this early morning of a new month to see my message. So shall you open your eyes to multiple open doors of blessings from God in this new month.  Just as you have said Amen to this message, so shall your voice rise to the ends of the earth in exclamation and testimony of God’s goodness. Happy new month dearie. God is with you!

10 You will never lack in this new month. You will live in plenty and bask in God’s glory. You will never have any reason to stay sad. All your disappointments shall turn to joy and more blessings. Your enemies will never have any reason to rejoice over you.

11 Remember darling in this new month, that we were born to breakthrough and not to break down. Go forth into the world and be a champion. Your time of success has come. Happy new month.

12 In this new month, learn to give thanks.
In this new month, learn to give more
In this new month, let to ask for less
In this new month, all you need to do is commit everything into the hands of God
In this new month, all your prayers will be answered
This is my new new month prayer of breakthrough for you
In this new month

13 Your month of wonder is here
Your month of upliftment is here
Your month is breakthrough is here
Your month of success is here
Your month of amazing miracles is here
This is your month of greater heights
Believe it and it is all yours
Happy new month

15 My new month prayer message to you
You name will be called for greatness from the heavens
The earth will tremble at your name
People will come from different locations to bless you
You will rise above your equals
You will be a blessing to this generation
God will grant you a level of success higher than your imaginations
Happy new month

15 Let your thanks be more than your requests in this new month
Remember to give thanks to God who has blessed you and made you alive till this moment
Always give thanks even when you intend to make requests. He will surely bless you more for giving thanks.

16 As we commence this beautiful month, I pray that all you have desired will come to pass. You will rise above all form of enemies and you will be blessed beyond the way you think. Happy new month to you.

17 In this new month, the storms ravaging your life will cease fire. God will increase you in all ramifications. This is one of my new month prayer messages to you.

18 You shall be highly favoured in this new month. Your enemies will tremble at your feet. Happy new month.

19 Good things will come your way in this new month, and the blessings of God will always remain with you.

20 You will remain richly blessed for the rest of the month and the year. Stay calm, your moment of blessings is here.

Let’s start with the happy new month prayers for lovers shall we:

  • New month means one thing for me which is a new cycle with you. Continue being amazing darling.
  • May this new month be a month of you shinning into success.
  • The new month means one extra month spent seeing your beautiful smile and getting a whiff of your amazing scent. Bless you dear.
  • My prayer this new month is for us both to become better people. Happy New month sweets.
  • Love talk is not my thing, but I pray long life for you because I know I love to start the month by you.
  • Happy New month love. May this month be filled with exceeding smiles.
  • Hoping you have the best out of this wonderful month my love, Happy New Month.
  • Abundant joy and happiness is what I wish upon you this new month.
  • May your efforts never be in vain. Happy New Month darling.
  • I commit all obstacles in your life this new month into the hands of the most high.
  • Hey baby, may the works of your hand yield multiple blessings this new month.
  • May our everlasting father take charge of all trials and tribulations that may want to show their faces in your life this new month.
  • May your new month be filled with rays of light babe.
  • Lack shall never be your portion this new month darling.
  • This new month will bring about the completion of all what God has started in your life dear.
  • New and better things are going to arise in your life this new month.
  • It’s been an amazing journey with you, may the course of our lives this new month be extremely smooth.
  • You are gold baby and you shall never settle for less this new month.
  • Abundant blessings will fall upon you this new month my darling.
  • Happy New month sweetie, I wish you good health and prosperity.
  • The road may be rough and stormy, but breakthrough shall be our portion this month.
  • Whatever you touch this new month shall be blessed and produce multiple blessings.
  • Opportunities shall come from all angles this new month for you baby.
  • I just want to be lost in your love this new month.
  • No matter the stormy weather, know that I’ll be with you this new month and forever.
  • May your dreams come true. Happy New Month.
  • Strength and guidance is all I’m wishing for you this new month.
  • Happy New Month dear, may this new month bring about unexplainable transformation for you.
  • You’re my fire and ginger. May you never lose your vibe in this new month.
  • Silver and gold I have none, but my prayers is that God pours his abundant blessings upon you this new month.
  • Today signifies the start of a new month, and I pray you shall shine and glow through the month.
  • You shall experience God’s divine favor this new month.
  • I just want you to know that you’re God’s child, and he is in control of all your worries this new month.
  • You shall soar so high this new month that the sky will be just your starting point.
  • Happy New Month baby, unspeakable joy shall be your portion.
  • God’s able, and he will complete the plan he has already begun in your life this new month.
  • Everything shall work out in your favor this new month. Happy New Month dear.
  • Be calm and watch out for the wonders that will take place in your life. Happy New Month.
  • You’re a wonderful person dear and I pray this month brings us closer than before.
  • Be strong and always wear a smile in this new month my darling.
  • I wish you a wonderful stress free month. Happy New Month.
  • What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger hun. You’re a conqueror. Happy New Month.
  • May the hand of the Lord cause goodness in your life this new month.
  • May success story be your melody this new month.
  • Cheers to the new month and a better us my darling.
  • People shall be amazed that the things you’ll do this new month dear. Happy New Month.
  • Your mouth shall be filled with songs of praises this new month my love.
  • Hey sweetheart, the lord shall preserve your life and bring good tidings your way this new month.
  • This new month will be a month that shall signify your transfer into goodies.
  • I pray God gives you the strength to take on any hurdle that is thrown your way this month baby.

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