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When you have the plan to send happy Sunday SMS to the ones you love, these collections of happy Sunday text messages will do just fine. Another Sunday is here right? The weekly thoughts of having the Sunday to rest and to prepare for a new week is special and amazing, hence the reason why you should send these beautiful happy Sunday messages to family and friends.

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Happy Sunday text messages of prayer

1 Blessed Sunday greetings

Good morning and happy Sunday. It is time to go to church and reflect in the lord our God. I wish you the very best of your Sunday morning and I pray that all your prayers will be answered today. Happy Sunday to you. Have a blissful week.

2 Happy Sunday Prayer SMS

Another day is here to thank God for making it possible to be alive. Another day is here to beg for answers to prayer requests and supplications. Another day is here again to seek the face of the lord in times like this. Another is here to enjoy the presence of God with people in church. Happy Sunday to you, May your prayers be answered today.

3 Happy Sunday wishes

Other will receive answers to their prayers yet it will seem like you are not getting any. Other will give testimonies in church yet it will feel like you are not giving any. Do not despair dear friend, keep talking to God and I am sure he will fill your mouth with praise of answered prayers soon. Happy Sunday to you.

4 Inspirational Sunday messages

Say this to yourself. I am sure, I remain positive, I know that my time will come, when all my prayers will be answered. I know that this Sunday is another reminder to God to not forsake me in this trying times. I believe I am the son/ daughter of the living God and he will surprise me in all ways. Happy Sunday to me.

5 Happy Sunday prayer

You have asked for things from God. You are still waiting, hoping on him for answers to your prayers. You may have doubted whether he will answer your prayers or not. Do not be in any doubt, because he has told you he will answer all your prayers if you are faithful to him. Keep the faith and elieve in the lord your God. He will surprise you. Happy Sunday to you.

6 Blessed Sunday Miracles

Your miracle is just by the corner, your time of surprises is soon upon you. Your blessings are being delivered to your doorstep. All you need is to wait for it. For the amazing blessings that God is ready to pour on you. Your mouth will be wide open in hallelujah when you realize that God is ready to begin great manifestations in your life. When you believe in God, things will fall in place at the right time. Happy Sunday to you. Enjoy greatness in the presence of God.

7 Motivational Sunday SMS

Whatever situation you may be going through in this life. Never stop believing in God for answers to your prayers. Never stop believing in God for casting away your situations and bringing you to a fertile ground. God will surprise you when you believe in him. Happy Sunday to you.

8 Spiritual happy Sunday SMS

Do not be afraid of failing, because we sometimes are bound to fail. But when you cast all your hopes on God. He will bring you up even when you are down. Happy Sunday to you. I wish that you find true purpose and everlasting fulfillment in all your endeavours. God is with you as you begin the week.

9 Sunday Inspirational messages

You will be down sometimes and be filled with hopelessness and despair. But remember that God does not want his people to be hopeless and filled with fear. So put on the armour, watch and pray and believe in God to make you as big as you want him to. He never fails, he always answers prayers. Happy Sunday to you.

10 Sunday prayer and blessings

God will grant you the peace that will make you calm in the face of tribulations so you can deal with all the problems that may come your way in this new week. Believe in the lord your God and he will do more for you in less time. Happy Sunday to you. May you be blessed richly in this new week, Go and shine.

11 Happy Sunday text messages of trust

Do you believe in God? Do you believe in his words? If you do, then you don’t have to fear anything. You should put all your trust in him because he is the God that makes a way where there is no way! he will surprise you and make you know why he is God. Trust and believe in him for everything. Happy Sunday to you.

12 Happy Sunday text messages with love

I woke up this morning with thoughts of you in my head. You have made me realize what it means to love in Christ. You have made me seen why loving and God is the same thing and this is why I will continue to love you till my last days. Happy Sunday to you my love. May our tomorrow be better than our yesterdays.

13 Happy Sunday text messages of friendship

Life is good when you are with the right friends, life is better when you are with the right family, but you get the best from life, when you are with and in God. He gives the best and the most exciting feeling ever. He will give his best to you when you give your best to him. Happy Sunday to you, may his grace never depart from you.

14 Happy Sunday with love

Love the lord your God with all your heart and soul, and with all your mind. This way, you will earn his love and support as well. Who wants to ask for the grace of God when he/ she has not aligned thoughts with God. Align your ways with him and he will bless you. Happy Sunday to you.

15 Happy Sunday to your family

Remember your family today. pray for them. Remember to ask God to bless them just as he has blessed you. Remember to ask for peace, long life and prosperity for each member of your family. Remember to seek the face of God for them. Family is as important as anything in this world. Happy Sunday to you.

16 Family Sunday greetings

Family is everything, therefore be grateful that god has given you the best family in the world. Stay happy in the knowledge that God will continue to protect and guide your family. Stay blessed this Sunday. Happy Sunday to you.

17 Beautiful Sunday greetings

On this beautiful Sunday I need you to remember, you may have asked for many things and God may feel that many things will become too many and therefore hamper your progress, therefore stay within what God has blessed you with and beg him to open your eyes to see things that may endanger you. Happy Sunday to you

18 Happy Sunday with love

The week again is here for you to fulfill your destiny, to understand your life’s purpose and to pursue with vigour and passion. The week is here again for you to believe in God’s plans and see it just as he wanted you to. Happy Sunday to you. May you fulfill your purpose in life. God be with you.

19 Happy new Sunday

A new Sunday is here again. The Sunday where we will sing and give thanksgiving in church. A Sunday where we will reflect over the last month and pray for a better new month. A Sunday where we will revel in the name of God. Stay happy this week, your Sunday is blessed already. Happy Sunday to you.

20 Happy Sunday text messages of praise

Happy new week and happy Sunday again. Remember to enter the gate of the most high with thanksgiving in your heart. Make your way to his temple with praise. Great blessings will be yours in this new week.

Happy Sunday SMS of prayer and love

21 Happy Sunday SMS of belief

The lord will shame all the enemies on your behalf. He will turn your pain to gain and he will make sure all your wishes are granted. Happy Sunday to you from me.

22 Happy Sunday SMS of blessings

This is the day the lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it. He has things great for you, and he will continue to make things great for you. happy Sunday to you today.

23 Happy Sunday SMS of provision

Accept your past, it is your past. Deal with your present for it provides the antidote you need for a better future. When your future is secured, your past stays in the past. Happy Sunday to you. May your pasts never affect your future.

24 Happy Sunday SMS to remember family

Just as you have remembered your family and friends today. Always know that God is your number one family and friend as well. In as much as he is the all seeing God, that does not mean we should not remember to treat him like family. Happy Sunday to you. God is family to us.

25 Happy Sunday SMS of understanding

If you have not experienced what is bad, then you cannot really understand what good is good! Happy Sunday to you, May your bed experiences cease henceforth culminating to good and exciting experiences.

26 Sunday SMS of life

Life will never stop for you, so don’t you ever stop for life to move. Life has been given to you so you can take charge of your environment. There is no waiting, no stalling, keep forging ahead and believing. The world will scream your name. A glorious Sunday to you.

27 Happy Sunday SMS prayer

When you pray to God sitting high on the throne, he send blessings to you down here. As you have prayed to God today, may he cascade multiple blessings down to you in the way you least expected. Stay blessed in this new week. God is your strength.

28 Sunday SMS to share the truth

When you find things going easy for you. Believe that it is God! What you need to do is pray for the easy things coming your way to last forever, because easy things don’t last and things that last don’t come easy.

29 Smile more Sunday SMS

Remember to smile more and more less. No matter the condition or situation that you find yourself. Put a smile on your face and trust God for his immediate and prompt response. Happy Sunday to you.

30 Pray for others

Learn to pray for people as much as you pray for yourself. When people that you know and love are fine. You will be fine as well. Happy Sunday to you.

31 Happy Sunday SMS of answered  prayers

When God answers your prayers, be grateful. But when God uses you to answer someone else’s prayers, be thankful, for he has given you the grace to do so and he will always make you a point of contact to other people. This is a huge sign of grace and blessing of God upon you. Happy Sunday to you.

32 Praise SMS

It feels good to praise the lord. When you praise him, you get more blessings. Happy Sunday to you. Enjoy the blessings of God today.

33 Sunday SMS of grace

May grace locate you wherever you are. may blessings locate you anywhere you find yourself. may joy be your portion all through this month and beyond. happy Sunday to you. Receive God’s grace in all ramifications.

34 Goodness SMS

Be good to people and God will be good to you. Happy Sunday

35 Happy Sunday SMS of love

Love your neighbours as yourself and you will be loved by God. happy Sunday filled with love.

36 Remember God today

Remember to put God first in everything you do. Seek his face and his counsel and he will surely help you with directions. Happy Sunday to you

37 Do not think of yourself alone

Do not seek your own interest in everything, that makes you selfish. God does not love selfish people. he loves selfless people. Stay selfless. Happy Sunday to you.

38 Do not live your life filled with regrets. What has been done has been done. You can’t change that, rather look ahead and believe in God for a better future. Stay hopeful. happy Sunday.

39 Happy Sunday SMS of strength

Do not ever give up on you, when you give up on you, then you have given up on God. He will give you strength to deal with life issues. Happy Sunday to you. Be happy.

40 Happy Sunday SMS to friend

Happy Sunday dear friend. Remember today that I love and care for you just the way Jesus loved and cared for the church. Rise and shine.

Blessed Sunday greetings

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