Do you use Emojis? I am sure you do! Let us celebrate the world emoji day today, happy world emoji day from me to you! Since we use emojis everyday, won’t it be nice to celebrate them? Of course!

What do you need to do? Join the trend on social media; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and celebrate the world emoji day with me using the #worldemojiday hashtag.

Why is the world emoji day on July 17th?

The date is displayed on the iOS calendar Emoji which makes sense if it was eventually chosen as the world emoji day. Remember that even if your calendar does not show today as the world emoji day, it won’t be a bad idea if you decide to celebrate with the rest of us. It is a global day of celebration, so JOIN IN celebrating the emojis.

How do you join the world emoji day event?

Share your calendar today with your friends. Let them know what you are up to! Exchange chats in form of emojis to celebrate the world emoji day with family and friends.

Who says you can’t even go an extra mile to celebrate the world emoji day. Get branded shirts on, get dressed in your favourite emoji. Have fun, be fully branded, exchange emojis with family and friends, sing your national emoji anthem, send texts filled with emojis, play emoji games. It makes a lot of sense, don’t it?

5 things you didn’t know about Facebook emojis

1 The the LOL emoji with tears of laughter is the most widely used in the world according to Facebook, followed by the love or heart-eyed emoji and the kissing emoji. It also took the top of the list for Twitter usage last year, Facebook says. I guess we all need something to laugh about in our lives, don’t we?

2 None of the top-10 most used emoji on Facebook convey negative emotions, Facebook users are fun people, isn’t that?

3 More than 5 billions emojis are being used and sent everyday on messenger. Amazing isn’t that?

4 In 2016, the top Twitter emoji in the U.S. was this angsty, weary dude. The rolling-on-the-floor emoji is the winner with American Facebook users this year.

5 In India, the blowing kisses emoji dominates the (emoji) conversations, with India blowing kisses to their friends. Who said Indians ain’t romantic?

Happy world emoji day. Share the emoji, enjoy the reactions. Cheers!



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