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Happy Youth day messages

1 The youths are the heroes of tomorrow
And the enjoy always appreciate the heroes of today
Because they will be the hero of tomorrow
I wish you the very best of the youth day
As you celebrate all the youths that have fought valiantly for liberation
Happy Youths day

2 Whenever you look for days when there are no problems
The youths are a part of the solution to your ‘no problem’
Whenever you think of the future of tomorrow
Always think of the youth first and then you will see
That the youths are growing to be better leaders that we all need
Happy Youth day

3 Just in case your life has a beautiful beginning
So shall you hope that it has a beautiful ending
The present we can see for ourselves
But the future, we definitely have no hope of
As the youth celebrate their day today
We have a glimpse of how our tomorrow will be
The youths are surely the leaders of tomorrow
Let us celebrate them
Happy youth day

4 You cannot believe in God unless you have looked and believed in your abilities
You cannot believe in the youths unless you have empowered them
In the best possible way
When you leave the future of the world politically into the hands of the men
Who are old enough to be the grandfathers of the youths
Then it is suffice to say that the political situation of the world will be dormant
The youths of today when equipped properly will be the future of tomorrow
It is left to you to do the needful
Happy youths day

5 The earth is enjoyed by those that put all their efforts on making the country grow
You should never fear and stand up for your right
You need to believe in yourself because you are the leader of tomorrow
Have an amazing youth day from me to you!

7 There is no day that you won’t come across problems
So instead of you to whine and complain
Be proactive and take the actions needful to surmount challenges
Happy Youth day to you! Your future is Now and not tomorrow! take charge.

8 Every beginning in life always has its ending
It is therefore left to to you to start well so you can end well
The future is not for those who wait but for those who challenge the status quo
What are you doing to challenge your generation?
Be a youth with a vibrant future, dedicate yourself to usefulness and strategic thinking
Happy Youth day to you!

9 You can never move forward in life unless you believe in your abilities
You can never get anything from God if you do not take any initiative
So do the right thing and remember to put God in all your decisions
The future that you crave for is just around the corner
Happy Youth day to you.

10 You alone have the power to decide how your future will look like
You alone can decide what you want from your future, leaders and country
No sitting and complaining, be the leader that you want to be
Take control of yourself and your future
The future is NOW!

Strong happy youth day messages

11 We are responsible for what we turn out to be.
We are responsible for what we wish for ourselves
We alone have the might and power to make a better future for ourselves, not our leaders
We need to ignore the mistakes of yesterday so that we can future on today to make a better tomorrow
Stop whining, complaining and regretting your past actions
You’ve still got time. Take charge now and forge ahead
Happy Youth day to you.

12 If you think you are weak, then you will forever be weak
If you think yourself strong and might, then strong and mighty will you be
We are what we wish for ourselves
But what do I wish for you?
To be forever strong and surmount all challenges that come your way
Happy National Youth day, be strong

13 People say the days of the youth are gone because we are all weak and lack focus
But I say when we come together in one force, we can show them that we are stronger and better than they think
Happy International Youth day to you

14 Unleash the power that you have as a Youth day
Unleash your strength on this National Youth day
Be the change everyone is clamouring for
Be the difference in the middle of the corrupted state
Be the power in the middle of weak people
Maintain your stand and your principles and you will become
The go to Youth for actions and decisions
Happy International Youth day my friend

15 We should all be made to be physically, tactically, strategically and spiritually strong
A million of sheep can never conquer the world
Only a dozens of lions will do
The decision is left to you whether you want to be a lion or a sheep
Take control of your future right now
Be the lion that conquers the world
Happy National Youth day!

16 You have to grow from the inside of yourself
Nobody can make you to grown but yourself
You need to decide whether you intend to live within the status quo
Or you want to challenge it
Either one you choose, remember that it’s your decision and not anyone else
Happy Youth day to you

17 Take risks
Make it calculated
When you win, you become a leader
When you lose, it becomes a lesson
Either ways, you’ve got time to learn and be greater than now
Have an amazing day and Happy Youth day to you!

18 Happy National Youth day
Liberate yourself from the shackles of self satisfaction and complacency
Be greater today for tomorrow

19 You need to stay strong for the future generation
Happy International Youth day

20 Be the change that everyone needs
Create the world of yourself by yourself
Do not wait for any government to create your world for you, you will grow old doing that
Believe in yourself and your abilities, and you will become a great leader of tomorrow
Happy International Youth day to you!


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