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Now matter how bad the week has been for you, the weekend is here for you to relax and think ahead. Forget about the past, focus on the present take advantage of today to plan a great future for you.

Have a blessed Friday

1 You think about the things you haven’t done yet, and the mistakes you have made, then you feel bad? Ignore all the mistakes and the things you have not done and focus on correcting and making things happen. You are way better than those who haven’t started at all. have a blessed Friday.

2 Sending everyone a blessed Friday. Wishing friends and family the peace, love and God’s blessings that will not only remain today but also forever. Let us remember to offer our praise and thanks to him on this blessed Friday. Remain blessed on this Friday.

3 You can enjoy all year long, you can work all week long, but there is a difference Friday creates in our lives that makes us want to sit down and relax, casting off all the rigours of the week. This is the day where the relaxation starts into the weekend. Remember to relax with family and friends, Have a blessed Friday.

4 The first thing I do at the beginning of the week is to pray to God to make Friday come faster than usual. What do you pray for at the beginning of the week. I just told you mine. Have a blessed Friday to you and your family, remember to appreciate God for all the things he has done for you.

5 What are your plans as the weekend comes in. As for me though, Friday will provide me the moment to reflect and try to find out why I am sad whenever the weekend goes off and Monday comes upon us. Have a blessed Friday.

6 I will tell you how I know it’s Friday without even checking the date. I look all around and what I see is everyone counting down time to close of work, there is an unusual feeling of happiness and beautiful smiles spread across people’s faces. That’s when I know Friday is upon us. Have a blessed Friday.

7 You know the best feeling of life is when it is beautiful right? When I see life beautiful is when I sit at the balcony of my house, drinking, relaxing, oblivious of the challenges in the world. Have a blessed Friday everyone, have a wonderful weekend.

8 I laugh at people who think they’ve got all the freedom in the world. I mean why will you think you are free, when all you do is cherish a blessed Friday ( end of work week) and not other days of the week. Have a blessed Friday.

9 Friday gives you the opportunity to forget about every other day of the week and relax into the weekend. Friday allows you to have long sleep, nap throughout the day, enjoy good food, and envision the weekend that will be fun and exciting. I send my happy Friday wishes to you. May your weekends always be as exciting as you want them.

10 Friday signals the commencement of the weekend. The weekend brings you awesome feelings and memories. All you need to do is to be grateful to God for an opportunity to see another blessed Friday. Sending my happy Friday wishes. Enjoy your weekend.

11 Friday brings up the hope and chance to see another wonderful weekend. It makes us calm for the days to come and makes us lively for the week that will soon be on us. Do have a wonderful, calm and lively weekend. Stay safe.

12 I am sending you prosperity, success, happiness and joy on this Friday. I know your Friday will be filled with the amazing blessings of God and the fulfillment of your dreams. May all your dreams come true my friend. Have a blessed Friday.

13 Do not stop fighting for what you want and crave for. Do not ever lose hope. Don’t allow the pressure get to you. Work a little more, work harder, push further and then allow the weekend to take its course. Have a beautiful and blessed Friday. The future is yours for the taking.

14 All days are amazing but Friday comes with its own special feeling. You close from work and enter into a weekend full of surprises. I wish you a blessed Friday full of surprises, bright day, wonderfully lit evening, and a blessed night rest. Have a blessed Friday.

15 I wait for Friday like the way kids wait for sweets and chocolates. Eagerly, anticipating, passionately. This is my way of waiting on Fridays, and I hope you wait for your Friday the same way I do. Have a pleasant, beautiful and blessed Friday. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

16 Friday is the king of the week surely. The week where you put on the extra make up, spend time looking good, head to relax after a stressful week. The day where you can stay out for as long as you can knowing that there is nothing to do but relax tomorrow being Saturday. Friday is indeed the king of all days. Have a blessed Friday and wonderful weekend.

17 Remember this, that no matter how hard you work, success will never find you if you are not determined to what you do. You need to stay dedicated and believe in yourself, if not, you will just work hard with nothing to show for it. You need to stay focused and resolute in your dealings. have a blessed Friday.

18 Friday gives you the opportunity to rise and shine in appreciation of the week spent well. Enjoy your weekend and share your emotions, love and happiness with family and friends. Have a blessed Friday.

19 It is time to say goodbye to the working week and welcome the weekend. Have a blessed Friday.

20 When you wake up every morning, you need to be thankful and grateful to God for another chance and opportunity to life. Have a blessed Friday.

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