Letting go of pain: If you have never been through a certain path or gone through a particular ride, you might be confident about how you’d react when the table turns to your direction.

Agony means different things, as psychographic individuals we have come to define pain based on our individual experiences in life. For some, it could be the loss of a loved one, a job, a missed golden opportunity, shattered relationship, abusive relationship, emotional abuse, etc.

Howbeit, pain is not only physical, emotional, psychological, financial, etc. it can also be spiritual (that’s the peak of it) because you don’t know who or what is hurting you, you feel the hurt, unexplainable.

One thing that makes it very complicated is that pain cannot be equivalently shared. For example, a lady is dumped at the altar on her wedding day, yes, she’s broken and bitter, family and friends gather to give her emotional backing and she still stuck with the ugly truth as she feels it directly alone and would have to face it alone.

Most times people claim to understand the pain of other people, but in reality, they don’t. I feel they just try to imagine being in the shoes of the other person, they cannot know how it exactly feels.

When I lost my mother about 18 months ago, I was devastated, hurt, devastated and confused. I didn’t understand why something heavy like that should come on me at that point in my life. So many people, friends, and family members said their pieces, made promises.

When my mom passed away, friends and family members near and far made promises, but with time their true colors were revealed to me and I had to face that reality.

In my first year in the University, my friend lost her dad, I tried my best to console her, she cried for Africa, I didn’t understand why she cried like that or how she felt but alas I understood it when I saw myself in a similar situation.

As heavy as the reality of pain might be, as bitter and cold as it may feel, there’s nothing material we can really do about it. We mourn and accept our hurtful realities in different ways and try in vain to overcome it.

I know this thing can be very difficult to handle, can lead to fatalities if not handled with maturity, plus there’s no complete solution.

Ah yes, you may have tried therapy, traveling the world, taking on a new job, enrolling for a new course, moving to a new location, having new friends just to forget and move on mentally and psychologically and to take a breather.

Have you tried letting go? letting go totally, I mean really coming to terms with your reality and completely deciding to forget about the whole episode of hurt.

Truth is, reminiscing about it isn’t profitable for the mind and body, but one sure way to heal is letting go… completely. Now, this isn’t complex like learning to climb a mountain or ice skating or carrying hollow blocks, it’s very easy. all you need is a word of prayer

Most times, we try to figure out why somethings happen to us, why we have to face complex situations and downtimes, the truth is you can understand what cannot be understood, time and chance happen to all of us.

Far from sounding religious or psychotic, I’m trying to share a practical solution that has come to work for me over time. It’s really easy. Just say a word of prayer to GOD. In the comfort of your own privacy.

Just tell him how you feel, how you want to heal and how difficult it has been for you to move on.

Now when you do this, don’t doubt, just do it, just pray, and pour out your heart and hurt, cry if you need to, cry if you have to, I tell you for sure, HE understands beyond our explanations and anger and frustration. Wanna move on?

Ready to go beyond hurting and feeling left out and alone in your pain, just hang on, please hold on and don’t let go, trust that GOD is with you and HE’LL literally hold you by the hand and walk you through life issues.

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A graduate of mass communication from the University of Lagos, majored in writing and editing, specialised in content, editorials and publications. I have experience in client relationship management, logistics, sales and content support. I believe in love, living, and giving, without the small things this life would be meaningless. I enjoy intellectual discussions, surfing the web, cooking and karaoke.
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