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A wise Nigerian fraudster will never try to carry out this scheme by opening a physical shop, what is being leveraged on here is the internet age syndrome. Almost everything you want in the present day can be gotten off the internet, so has businesses evolved too. To pull this off requires balls as your details are sometimes exposed to the victims and that can be used to file a scam report with the police.

A yahoo yahoo guy must sieve through series of options available to choose from and they range from selling and buying of e-currencies, information marketing, website development and the likes. I made sure I was a bit informed about the internet scam path I decided to work on. First on the list buying and selling of e-currencies is a scheme that might never go out of style as even till this day, a lot are still falling for the bait in the business section of the popular Nigerian forum nairaland.

This is a bit complicated and requires some investment as you will have to pose as both a buyer and seller of every e-currencies ranging from bitcoin to swisscoin, perfect money, paypal, payoneer etc. The investment is needed to buy and sell for the first few months so as to cement your presence as a trusted dealer become going rogue just after you have established some sort of dominance, the first few scam stories won’t draw much attention to you as you have been known as a trusted dealer, subsequent stories will sure draw some attention to you and that is where your cover gets blown. From experience and expertise in the act of pretense, getting back up after each scam is no big deal as you can create multiple accounts to perpetrate the act over and over again.

The second being information marketing is a bit tactical, there is need to have a plan in place, this is because you are planning to sell an information that’s supposed to be beneficial to the buyers of your e-book or whatever way you packaged the supposed information, be it CD, Flash or a downloadable file. Getting away with this scam is easy as any topic you decide to write on and sell will fetch you money as long as it’s something that will benefit or so to say, the younger generation. To pull this off, just write the basics of whatever topic you want, when buyers pay and get a hold of your e-book, they will have no other choice than to cuss you out, it ends there, they rarely take any more step towards getting you apprehended and that’s it, your breakthrough as a yahoo boy. Website development is a bit related to information marketing, you make your victims believe you can design a stunning website and cut loss communication days after payment, as simple as that.

This article will be incomplete if we only talked about the methods I used to carry out my fraudulent acts without talking about the tools that facilitated the schemes and made it possible for me to exploit so many people. Here is a list of tools I made use of during my exploit;


The importance of this cannot be overemphasized as it is the foundation of all the fraudulent schemes I have ever carried out, here is where you download all the needed apps to chat up with prospective victims.


If you have been following keenly, you would have deduced most of the scams I successfully pulled off can never be possible without a laptop. A laptop is as important as a smartphone in the yahoo yahoo trade, just that, a laptop has more weight and dimension, so, its not easy to carry about and that’s why I work with my phone during the day and with my laptop at night.


Virtual private network, as it can be deduced from the full name, it is a premium service with hidemyass and expressvpn leading the race of vpn providers. This is what shields us from the strict gateway rules of most American websites, ordinarily, it is impossible to access some American websites unless you are in the United States but, with vpn, you have access to virtual locations in every continent of the world, you get to choose a place where you want the websites you visit to think you are browsing from, I mostly use USA.


Remote desktop protocol is the advanced form of using a vpn. RDP unlike vpn does not give you many options to choose from, you are stuck with just one location but the thing is, RDP is actually more secured than vpn. Using an rdp means there is an operational computer sitting somewhere in the us and you are browsing on the personal computer that is lying across the room in USA from Nigeria through remote access. I really wish to demonstrate how this works.

Feature Phone

Almost every yahoo yahoo boy that you see in Nigeria today either have a small tecno or itel phone as backup for his smartphone, have you ever wondered why? The reason is simple, those phones are equipped with a simple technology that can change the way you sound while on a call, you have a few options to choose from, you have the options of a man, woman or child. Yahoo boys use this to their advantage when placing a call through to their victims. The option is called “magic sound” on the mentioned phones.


US Phone Number

The yahoo yahoo trade thrives on make believe acts and it requires more effort than our Nollywood actors and actresses put into their acting. Your profile is not really complete as a yahoo boy if you don’t have a functional US Phone Number. Getting a US phone number is easy but getting a quality one is not, here is what I mean by quality; there are tons of applications on the internet that offers you a US number for free, no hidden charges. These numbers are actually active but limited in what they can get done for you in the trade, for instance, asides a number gotten from Primo or Google Voice, no other US number service provider comes close to the edge you get with sticking with either one of the two.

Let me take out time to highlight the ills of being a yahoo boy and how it took it’s toll on me. Here you have them;

Caffeine Addiction

Due to the time difference between the two continents, Africa and America, the active time for the victims is always midnight down here, so, what do I do to bypass sleep at the critical moment when I was supposed to be resting my body and soul? I simply make a cup of coffee, I like it hot, gulp it and sleep will be as far away as possible, it got to a time when I sleep in the afternoon and work all night because I have taken yahoo yahoo as my full time job. This leads us right into sleep deprivation.

Sleep Deprivation

This is as a result of the first point, you barely have the time to sleep and being a student didn’t help when I was into the game, I would chat with my victims all night long and rush over to class the next morning, it wasn’t an easy ride for me but, I sorted myself out.


These points are intertwined, when you sleep in the afternoon and work at night, where is the time for you to go out and socialize and trust me, 99% of the friends you have won’t even ask about you because they just don’t care if you are there with them or not.

Alcohol Addiction

The early hours of the day no longer interest me as I was always looking forward to chatting with my victims, to pass time, I chugged substantial amount of alcohol daily just to knock myself out and wake up just in time for the victim and I to initiate and maintain a chat for as long as possible.


Rarely moving out of my room nearly made me ran mad, I was seeing series of unimaginable things that my brains could not even comprehend.


I don’t even need to stress much on this, someone that sleeps in the day and works an illegitimate job in the night is definitely lazy to not have used the day for some productive tasks, the laziness of a yahoo boy does not manifest fully while he is still on the job, when he quits and forced to take up a normal job, that is when traces of laziness that has been redundant begins to gradually showcase itself, they get so used to the easy lifestyle that they forget there is a reality check out there when they get out of their comfort zone. Away from that, laziness is what brings a lot of young able bodied men to succumb to this craft in the first place, youngsters who are envious of the achievements of their fellow who has been working hard silently and the result has showcased him to the world turn to the quickest route to get some easy money.


Even though I barely leave my room back then, I still had these weird urge that my doings will soon catch up with me and the Nigerian policemen are out there to get me. I was always cautious when I go out, I always double check to see if my apartment’s door was locked, never went out with my main phone because I was scared of being snitched by a friend and getting apprehended.

Jail Time

This is the ultimate of all the ills, once apprehended and charged to court with admissible evidence, the next location is the prison yard for the number of years the judge decides to mete out to you.

Fraud is illegal, whether it is internet scam, yahoo yahoo or whatever name you decide to give the evils you perpetrate online. You should know that!


When I was a full time yahoo boy, it was fun because I was young and naïve, I just started my life and I was trying to live fast but avoided dying young which is an impossibility, when you live fast, you also have to face the consequences. Back when I was into these fraudulent acts, it was all about brains and guts, no calabash from any wretched looking man to do some weird things before we start typing on the keyboard.

It’s 2018, I look around me and shake my head in pity, young guys scattered everywhere trying to make an illegitimate living off the internet, thing is, most of the does not even have the brain the size of a peanut, so, what do they do? They turn to voodoo, that’s the height of it. They call it Yahoo Plus but within ourselves, we know what it is, it’s just a term coined for ritual money, every yahoo plus gees are not different from the everyday people who are fully fledged blood money fanatics, the only difference is, those people do little to nothing to hide their identity or coin a generally acceptable name for it.

bMy conscience grew restless as the day went by, I kept thinking about the many travails of the people I had used their details to swindle unsuspecting victims and the sudden realization that karma is a bitch kept me in check with the reality that’s at hand.

To make matters worse, I started to fall sick, going from one hospital to the other in order to know the nature of my sickness to no avail. I started growing slimmer and sickly by the day. Then it dawned on me that I need to stop the act and what I do to make MONEY!

Today, I earn legitimately from the internet and my friends with whom I was scheming all of these fraudulent acts with are either living from hand to mouth or selling off their acquired properties one after the other.

Yahoo Plus

Most young guys hiding behind their keyboards in 2018 are ritualists and not yahoo boys.

I have seen and learnt a lot from the boys in 2018 that are seriously into voodoo yet use Yahoo Yahoo as a cover up.

These boys can go to any length just for the money and the victims are always the materialistic females, these set of females do not care about where you get your money from, all they want is to sleep with you in exchange for some cash.

Yahoo Boys and Nigeria Ladies’ love for Money

A lot of Nigerian ladies are living dead, there are just occupying space on earth, they are dead and buried in the spiritual realm because they have been used for money already and their time is almost up on earth. You roll with a Yahoo boy because he has lives some flamboyant lifestyle, you never know whether you have been used spiritually to boost his source of income already.

I just shake my head in pity at these girls running all over these Yahoo boys. A lot of are just walking spirits already, yet they don’t know, until after a long time.

The motivating factor for me while on the field was the many young men who made legitimate money or living off their parents’ wealth; the many shapes and sizes of females around me is another reason why I had earlier found it hard to quit that line of work. As a yahoo yahoo boy, materialistic and ladies of easy virtue flocked around me and I was happy to have them as my guest, even the bible confirmed women are the salt of the world, I had my own share of frolicking around with ladies of different complexion, but I was wise about it, I was always protected and they didn’t even mind because they were only there for the money, the free food and booze.

Quitting wasn’t an easy decision to make because even the Nigerian system; environment, lack job opportunities had made the Yahoo Yahoo internet scam thrive. To say that the Nigerian Police Force and all other forces in charge of arresting or dealing with internet scams are nothing to write home about. I can say authoritatively that the Yahoo Yahoo menace will not leave Nigeria anytime soon.

So you see, so many things have contributed to the rise of Internet fraud; from the system, love of money, the desire to make more money illegitimately without working hard, to rise in tech to daughters of EVE and the societal acceptance of Yahoo-Yahoo as taking back our stolen inheritance among other flawed and terrible statements and ideologies.

I thank God for my life right now, and that I have been able to move away from being a Yahoo boy to living healthy, well and earning legitimately. You still want to ‘yahoo’. Be ready to give something in exchange for that – maybe even your life.

And when you are caught? You know that’s the end already.

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