How to celebrate respect for the aged day. The Respect for the Aged day is here again. Sending my best wishes to all the Japanese living in Nigeria and all over the world.

What is Respect for the aged day in Japan

Celebrated in the Third Monday of every September, the respect for the aged day (敬老の日 Keirō no Hi) is a day set aside to respect the elderly in the society. The day was set aside in 1966 and it has since been a National holiday in Japan. The elderly in the country are respected and recognized for their valuable contributions to the development of the country.

The Respect for the aged day is also set aside to wish the elderly long life and prosperity as they age in grace.

In a lot of streets and neighbourhoods, events like dance performances and special music are set up to entertain and celebrate all the elderly citizens in the community.

How to celebrate Respect for the Aged day

If you have any elderly one living in Japan or anywhere in the world, you should take time to use the opportunity for the Respect for the Aged day to celebrate them by sending messages, and taking them out if you all live together or not too far apart.

You can also call to send your regards, wish them well and let them know how much you care about them. Remember that the Respect for the aged day is not just about you but the appreciation of the elders, and this is really the best way to celebrate the day.

Respect for the aged day messages

Dear Grandpa/ GrandMa, the respect for the aged day is here again, and although we don’t get to talk so much because of work and some other life issues, I am using this opportunity to wish you a happy day. Your contributions and value added to my life is what I can never get elsewhere. Always remember that I love you and I pray that God continues to keep you for me and for the rest of the family. Enjoy your day.

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