Many may think I am mad because they do not see what I have seen, they do not know what I know. I am not mad, I am just a girl that saw an angel, talked to an angel, had a relationship with him and before my very eyes, he flew away just to save me. Let me take you back to the very beginning.

I was out to see a popular movie at a cinema house, I got there just in time before the movie kicked off, paid for my ticket and then hurried down to get myself a comfortable seat at the back of the hall. The movie was about a girl that fell in love with an angel that was supposed to come take her back to heaven because according to the angel, she was too good to be in this evil world, that the world didn’t deserve her. At the long run, the angel fell in love with her and she fell in love with the angel whose name was Edmund while the girl’s name was Dianne. Coincidentally, that was my name too. At the end of the movie, the girl, Dianne was attacked by demons and the Angel came and fought them off, killing all of the demons but not without receiving some fatal wounds himself and at the end, he died.

“Here, have it.” He handed me an handkerchief and that was when I realized that my eyes were all wet. The movie got me so emotional that I couldn’t resist the tears when the angel guy died.

“Thank you.” I replied after drying my tears with the handkerchief he gave me. After the movie was over, we all left the hall and I was about walking out of the cinema house when I heard a deep voice call my name from behind.

“Dianne,” I turned around and saw the guy that gave me the handkerchief in the hall. “You didn’t return my handkerchief.” He stood there, smiling sheepishly.

“Ohh,”I handed the handkerchief back and just when I was about to turn around and start leaving, it struck me how he got to know my name. “Excuse me, how did you know my name’s Dianne.” I asked

“Is that really your name? I just called you Dianne because of the movie we just saw inside.” He replied but I wasn’t convinced enough. “Or maybe I am an angel.” He added when he saw that I didn’t really bite what he told me, and then we both smiled. After which we both walked out of the cinema and we barely said 3 words to each other until we got to the car park and both got into each other’s cars.

“Hope to see you again soon then, Dianne.” He said as he was about to drive out.

“I hope so too, why would you know my name and I won’t know yours.” I jested with a broad smile.

“My name is Edmund.” He replied with a smile too and then drove off.

“Edmund?” I asked no one in particular as I wondered how so many coincidences could have happened in such a short while.

After about a week or two, I was coming back from my place of work when i pulled to grab a snack at ANGELS, although not my favourite place to eat but I had no choice as I was so hungry that day. I got inside, bought a meatpie and juice. Grabbed the tray and turned around to get somewhere to sit. I was shocked when I saw a man looking at my direction and smiling.

“You don’t remember me ?” He asked when he saw my countenance.

“Ohhh you!!!” I finally remembered his face, I walked down to the table where he was sitting alone, dropped my tray and sat by him while he was just smiling all the way. “What are you doing here ?” I had already asked before I realized how stupid that question must have sounded, what else would he be doing at an eatery.

He looked at me, still smiling and then pointed at a sign that had the name of the eatery on it.

“Angels.” I said

“Yeah, angels. Which automatically implies that it’s meant for angels, like me.” He replied and we both had a moment of laughter. “On a serious note, you are in trouble and I am only here to save you.”

“Is that not a line from the movie we saw at the cinema that day? You are crazy.” At this point, I couldn’t hold back the laugh while he just smiled back.

“Do you believe that angels exists here on earth.” He asked after a silent moment as we both had a bite of snacks.

“Hell no, those are just fictitious stories” I said

We had many more things to talk about and after which we departed but not without exchanging contacts this time around. We called each other from time to time.

One thing led to another and we started dating after couple of months. He had no friends, and I had no friends as well. It was just us and God, I loved him so much and he loved me like a rock. We agreed to taking things slowly until finally after a year, he agreed to moving into my apartment.  We lived the life of a couple and it was everything I ever dreamed of and more. He was every man’s dream.  Everything went on smoothly until one day.

He rushed in from work just about the time i just got back from work too. I hugged him like I always do but that day, he didn’t hold me like he used to.

“What’s wrong, honey?” I asked but he won’t say anything.”

That mood lasted through out that day until the next day. I woke up a bit late and just as I was about rushing into the bedroom, I saw him standing next to the mirror, staring blankly at the mirror.

“What’s wrong, honey?” I asked for the umpteenth time

“It’s time.” He replied.

“Time for what?” I asked in bewilderment.

“Time for you to leave this evil world that doesn’t deserve you.”

“Again with lines from that movie, Edmund?”

“Dianne, this is not a movie. This is real.”

“What’s real?”

“Everything, everything is real. Me being an angel, you being the Dianne that was saved in that movie. That movie was just a prophecy for you.”

“Are you okay, Edmund. Did you hit your head against a wall or something?”

“We do not have time for this right now, you have to go.”

“To where dammit?” I screamed

“When you get there, you will know. All of these would be like a dream but it’s not a dream.” At this point, I was going crazy. I couldn’t make a sense from all that he was saying. “Please Dianne, do not forget me.” He held me close and I could feel his heartbeat has our lips interlocked. I could feel the fears in him. Whatever he was talking about was indeed something dangerous as I had never seen Edmund this scared.

“They are here.” He shouted and then repelled from me, pushing me to the bed as I hit my head on the plank and my eyes got blurry. I couldn’t keep my consciousness as I was slowly passing out. I couldn’t see clearly but I still saw as all the windows cracked open, smoke covering everywhere and at that moment, Edmund grew wings. For a moment, I thought it was the blurriness but he really grew wings and then some things entered through the cracked windows. They looked everything like the demons that were in the movie Edmund and I saw.

“I love you, Dianne and I am doing this for our love. Do not forget me.” He said before he finally turned around to face the demons. One of them quickly made for where I was standing but Edmund held it back. They kept increasing in numbers but Edmund kept fighting them back, he fought them with all his strength, he fought for me. Just as my eyes finally shut, I saw Edmund disappear, alongside all of the demons. Edmund, my angel sacrificed his life for love.

It must have taken a while but finally, I opened my eyes and found myself on the bed. I was still trying to figure out where I was some people barged into the room. I was already scared that the demons came back but these set of people were putting on whites. I was about to jerk out of bed when one of them spoke calmly.

“Bella, you are finally awake.” He said

“Bella? Wait where am I? Where’s Edmund ? Where are the demons? I asked.

They all looked round, surprised at everything I was saying. I was further angered by their stares and angrily tried to get out of bed but they all held me back, tied me down with a rope and injected me with something that made me sleep off.

Till date, every one still think I am mad but I  am not. I am not Bella, I am Dianne. Something must have happened but no one would listen to my story. I wrote this down so maybe someone out there would believe my story.

Do you believe me?

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