I caught up with Rubi on Instagram and we discussed love, relationships and marriage among other issues.

What led to this interview with her was the fact that she was 31 and heading to 32 and was not seriously bothered about settling down. She talked about the pressure she faced and how she has been able to deal. She informed Deedee that she knew she would not marry early and this statement led to an interesting Instagram interview.

Read on:

Deedee: How have you dealt with relationships when you were younger till now?

Rubi: Well I was a very friendly girl while growing up, I had a lot of male friends back then which hindered my relationship with other boys thinking I was too playful. So relationship for me then was just not a serious thing.

Deedee: How did you get the premonition that you won’t marry early?

Rubi: Well I have always wanted to have a lot of money while growing up, because I had a lot of people with successful career and business women around me and they were wives and mothers. I knew that I just needed that financial freedom before I marry and I needed to study well and structure my life before marriage.

Deedee: How did you handle pressure that comes with being single in your 30s?

Rubi: Like my parents will say, Ko si pressure (no pressure). I don’t even give room for that . If I am around someone and all you talk about is how I should be married I will spit my mind out immediately and that’s the end. We won’t even have a conversation that will bring that up again.

To me if I have shelter and food, other things become secondary. Marriage will come.

Deedee: Ten years ago, what advise would you have given yourself that will make you better now?

Rubi: Take more risk, risk it all. If you want to achieve something just do it. Don’t think too much if you fail you will start again.

Deedee: What do men really want from a young beautiful lady?

Rubi: Well nobody can really answer that question. We humans generally, what do we want? As for men and young beautiful ladies oh well I don’t even know.

Deedee: Why do you think people run into marriages without the maturity needed to survive

Rubi: So many reasons.

1) Pressure for friends and family
2) Lack of finance
3) Love and so many other reasons
4) Unsettled family background

Deedee: Why do you think people run away from marriages?

Hmmm I can’t say people are running away, let’s say they are taking their time, so I can’t even say this is the major reason.

Deedee: What does love mean to you?

Love is friendship
Love is forgiveness
Love is acceptance

Deedee: How ready are you for marriage now?

I am ready, however I am not in a rush.

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