I just want to hear you say you love me
If not tomorrow anymore but today and forever
Just tell me how much you love me
This second, this minute, this hour
Just call me sugar
And I will stay as the button on your collar

I told you,I’m emotional
I can’t deal with your half baked love
I can’t go back and forth with you
I can’t toy with my sanity
Please darling,you only have one way turn here
Just stay

How much I hated myself right now waiting for that ring tone
To hear your baritone voice blasting through
Reassuring me how much you love me
But here I’m with your finger prints on my heart, my wine glasses
How I hated myself for seeing love in your eyes,
I should have known, I was merely seeing mine staring back at me

Even with the lone tear zooming down my eyelids,
I remember when you sat down with your eyes
robbing into my soul and called me sugar.
Tonight,I’m hold my breath and ask
Will I ever hear those words again from you?
Even with the answers pasted on my heart like the handwritten words king Zach saw,
Still I’m waiting for that phone ring tone to prove I’m not alone!

Just to hear you say I love you!

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