Lami Phillips Gbadamosi is an African female song writer, popularly known as Lami. Married to her husband of over 14 years, Lami wrote about marrying men in her latest post on social media.

The music star took to her Instagram page to share this inspiring post after sharing this picture on her page:

She said this in addition to the picture quote on her Instagram handle:

Physical attributes , chemistry.. all that is good.. but it fades.. comes and goes.. what matters is the CORE OF THE PERSON, principles, values, and most of all PURPOSE being aligned. Marry the person who won’t leave you if you lost your arm, or got burned in an accident. Marry the person who will love you even more when you get fat for carrying his baby. Marry the person who will love your family unapologetically and honour them. Marry the person who will always make God the center and the reason. Marry someone who will travel the world with you instead of caging you. Marry someone who makes your purpose and your dreams his mission. Marry someone who you will be willing to do all this for too! Love is a decision not a feeling. Let Disney be Disney let real be real. Please don’t use husband to do friend zone and wife to do bestie. Thanks for listening. Hope it makes sense?

Yes, it really DOES make super SENSE? What do you think?

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