The end of the month is here again. It is time to say our last day of the month prayers. Just before we get into the new month, a final last day of the month prayers will do a lot of good.

This is my last day of the month prayers for me and you!

I am grateful oh Lord for the last day of the month. I am using this opportunity to pray for my readers, wherever they are. I pray that you give them the comfort, peace and security they need to pass through these trying times everywhere in the world. I pray that you give them strength and love for those that are against them. I pray that you give them the grace to forgive and forget and to live in peace and harmony. Please Lord, hear my prayers.


I thank you for your glory that has been made manifest in our lives. Thank you for the grace and strength that you have given. Thanks for the blog readers and thanks for those that are just on the side. Please forgive us all of wrong doings and make us enter the new month in peace and joy.

In this new month, give us the grace to love you more. The grace to forgive, the chance to help another and the vision to be more open to supporting the less privileged. Give us more opportunities this new month and help us to move around hale and hearty. Bless us this new month and let our past hustles not be in vain. Hear my prayer almighty God.

I am grateful for the beginning of the month, I am grateful for the middle of the month and I am grateful for the end of the month. Grateful for the unlimited opportunities, grateful for the chance to sleep and wake and grateful for the blog readers as well. We commit the new month into your hands, give us the grace to continue to remain grateful. Thank you for everything.

Do you have last day of the month prayers to share? Drop them in the comment section below. Let’s say AMEN together.

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