If you like, be forming ‘NIGGA’ and let a man snatch your wife from you – Those were the words of newly wedded Henry Gbadega who was full of love and admiration for his new wife, Jovia Gbadega (Nee Nwuzo) as they shared their amazing inter-tribal love story!

I can see you are already shifting at the edges of your seat!

Grab a bottle of ‘Coke’ and enjoy the ride:

Jovia started:

We met at his office (GTB). I had gone to pay for my British Airways ticket to the USA and had issues with his Junior Colleague who couldn’t process my transaction and he was called to help. The moment I saw him, I thought he was arrogant because he kept acting serious and business like.

In defense, Henry enthused that:

I did not like her at first, I thought she was a spoilt child.

Say the case of Tom and Jerry! Aye?

That summed it up when they both chorused ‘IT WASN’T LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT’, who wouldn’t have guessed.

Jovia continued:

Two months after we met, we had blossomed into good friends and I got to see the good part of him. He is very compassionate. In fact we quarrel so much because I get angry at how he lets people take advantage of him due to his kind heart.

Also, he would do anything to make me happy. He is honest and very humble.

Henry said:

I was attracted to the fact that my wife would give you her honest opinion even if it won’t favor her. She is an exciting woman, you stay with her for an hour and she would do exciting things per second.

What manner of exciting things please? **winks**.

Henry never really asked me out, Jovia continued. We just played into it!

In Henry’s words, I did not officially ask her out, we just had our times and we let the play roll.

What is love without its thorns? What is a relationship without issues?

For Jovia:

I had to clear my past to concentrate on Henry and it took me a while to do that.

For Henry though, he had this to say:

One strong issue I had with my wife was her bluntness. I never really liked and it was difficult for me dealing with it.

I know it’s fair to call a spade a spade, but sometimes, you can call it a cutlass first and then gently call it a spade.

Apart from that, she’s a beautiful human being, in and out.

For lovebirds, there will always be that special thing that will excite you in an incredulous way about your partner:

For Henry though, it was the crazy things he meets whenever he gets to see his wife:

I can’t wait to come home when I close from work because I know something crazy is going to happen. She excites me with that a whole lot.’

For Jovia:

He is an incredibly humble person and he makes me feel like the most beautiful woman on earth.

He can wake up and the first thing he’s telling me is “OMG!! You are so beautiful. He makes me feel like I have the beauty of 100 Miss Worlds. He is so good for my confidence.

Henry who did not waste time in proposing to the love of his life, quickly left no stone unturned in proposing to the woman of his dreams:

Some annoying guy was trying to collect my babe with text, calls, gifts and I said to myself ‘This one woman that has made my life full with rainbows’ There is just no time to waste anymore

I quickly went to a wedding store and got her something nice to wear on her finger. I can’t be doing “nigga” and lose a good woman.

9 months after we met which was six months after we started dating, I proposed to her.

Jovia said yes because:

I was sure of what we had. The truth is no man has loved me so good, made me feel so important with so much freedom to be myself. It was and sometimes it still is unreal.

Jovia defined love as:

You’ve seen me at my worst, my best, my lowest and you’re still crazy about me.

While Henry’s definition was:

If she makes you smile, supports your dream, treats you like her child, scolds you like your mother and you don’t feel less a man, but still find a way to show her you’re sorry. She makes your day brighter just by thinking of her, you’re in love…..wife her!

Jovia advised for ongoing relationships:

Relax, don’t push it. If it’s yours, it would stick and stay.

I say this from experience, because prior to dating my husband, I was in a 9yr relationship.

From Henry:

Don’t be forming Nigga and let somebody else marry your wife. Marry her with the little you have, and let the favor of finding a wife and finding a good thing follow you.


Such a beautiful love story. From all of us at Deedeesblog, we dedicate this beautiful piece from Mayorkun and Mr Eazi. God bless your new home!

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