The following Monday blessings quotes are all you need to have a perfect beginning to a new week. Ready for the quotes I have for you? Then jump right in.

Powerful Monday Blessings Quotes for You

1. When it is time to count your blessings, you will never be found wanting. When it is time for people to scream your name in praise for what God has done for you. You will never be searched for, not to be found. The day of your true manifestation is here, receive it in all the glory of the almighty God. Have a blessed Monday.

2. Hail Jesus, the king of kings and the I am that I am. He is the one who will always make his promises come into fulfillment in your life. Why are you worried. God has got it all covered for you. Rejoice and be glad because the joy of the almighty God is your strength. Have a great and amazing Monday.

3. When people say you will fall, you are just starting to rise. When people say you are dead, you are just beginning to live again. The people in the world do not have dominion over your life because you are the son/ daughter of the most high God. Walk in his way, thrive in his path. He is the beginning and the end for you. No one can stop your sun from shining.

4. The spirit of the Lord will live in your life today, and you will just dance the way David danced. The glory of God is shining on you today and you will just jump in goodness and excitement to what he will continue to do in your life. Look up to him for his blessings and grace. Have faith because your moment of fulfillment is just around the corner. The week is yours already. Happy Monday!

5. It is good to praise the Lord isn’t it? It is amazing to worship and live in his glory because he that God who will love you with everything he has. Walk in his ways and trust in him for everything. He has got you already. Rejoice, I say Rejoice. Have a blessed Monday and a great week ahead.

6. When the road seeks for blood, you will never be found on the road. When the powerful forces of the earth are on rampage, God will always protect and guide you. He will be with you when you sleep and when you are awake. He will be with you when are walking or when you are running. God will always support you all through the days of your life. He never changes! He will not leave nor forsake you. Have a great week.

7. Hey, why the worry? You believe that God cannot do it for you! He had done it for so many people in the bible remember? Abraham, Job, David? He will remember you and do great things for you, such that you will dance like danced. Your time for greatness is close. Believe in God and he will believe in you. Have a great week ahead. Happy Monday.


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