Monday greeting texts – Have you sent out your Monday greetings text this morning. Share a couple of texts to friends that you love and see them mouthing a word of prayer back to you.

Happy Monday greeting texts

1. Believe in yourself, believe in your capabilities, believe that you can hold your way and be in charge of anything that comes. Your moment of happiness is here already. Believe in God and you will reach the top very soon. Happy Monday and have a prosperous new week. Cheers.

2. You should be grateful for another chance and opportunity at life. You should be thankful for the gist of life and the gift to get through the day. This is a new week, this is the time for you to face new opportunities and new directions. Commit your ways to God and he will make your week pleasant for you. Have a great and lovely new week ahead, it is well with your soul.

3. When the spirit of God is upon you, you will not only dance in praise but you will that everything you lay your hands on will prosper. This is a new week yet again, the week that God says he will bless you. You have been anointed already. The grace of the Lord is with you!

4. You shining day is here; Monday. You need to stand up, stretch your legs, be happy and optimistic about the new week. I wish you the biggest motivation you need to get all your daily tasks delivered and I pray that the Grace of God will never leave you alone. You are going to excel in every part of your life. Have a great week.

7. Are you prepared? This is the week of your blessing. The Lord God will send blessings down from heaven and you will open your mouth agape in wonder while giving God thanks in praise for what he has done. Have an amazing week ahead. The week is your already.

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