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What are month ending prayers?

Just as you have prayed at the beginning of the month, you need to assess your life and confirm is God has done great things for you in the month. When you assess this and you really realize that your life is full of thanksgiving, then the month ending prayers are necessary.

Also, before you walk into the new months, there are certain prayers that you may want to make in the old month before you usher in the new month; these prayers are what we know as month ending prayers.

Just before the new month arrive, you may need to make certain calls to God (through prayers) in form of praises, thanksgiving and requests, your month ending prayers serve as the perfect time to have a quiet time with God.

I have a  number of month ending prayers that may just fit into what you need to talk to God about. If you also have a couple of month ending prayers that you intend to share, please feel free to share them. It would be nice if we pray together in here!

What do you think?

Month Ending Prayers for Me and You


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