You need a number of naughty things to say to your lover? My naughty paragraphs will definitely work for you. Do you love being naughty? Then you need to get in here.

Getting dirty with your partner seem to be the new way of spicing a relationship, so why not jump on the trend and have fun with your lover? Talking dirty does not have to do with just the bedroom or when you are close. Getting the best out of a relationship is all about knowing how to play with words, and the naughty messages and dirty paragraphs will just be the perfect use of words in your relationship. Sending sultry, and erotic paragraphs to the one you love via your phone will create the necessary build up you need to spice your love life, Don’t you think so?

See what you need to do, check out these naughty paragraphs I have used and leverage them for your lover. Play with the words, create a visual picture with the words you find in here and I bet you, lover boy/girl will never get it off his/ her mind!

You believe? Then jump in!

Naughty paragraphs you should send

1 I just can’t stop thinking about you and what I’m going to do to you when you get here. Let me leave you with a teaser baby, I’m going to pull off your cloth with my teeth and lick your ears with my tongue. I am that crazy!

2 Darling, anytime we are together, you do not only make me feel in love, but you also make me get so naughty. I want to be naughtier with you because you complete me.

3 I had a really naughty dream yesternight. It has you doing crazy things to me all night. When you get here, I’ll tell you all about it!

4 I love it when you kiss me, but I go crazy when you kiss me all over my body. It’s like you shouldn’t stop. Will you do that to me tonight? I can’t wait!

5 My body trembles when you touch me, and I feel like there is electric shock all over my body. You are an amazing being and you make me feel special. I love you darling.

What do you feel about these naughty paragraphs. You want me to add more? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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