It’s a new day new week new month for you. Such uniqueness and happiness. I celebrate the new day new week new month with you. Happy new month.

This sums up the opportunity that we are going to have in this new month. When you are alive to see the unique day and month as it arrives for you then all you need to do is appreciate the almighty God for keeping you alive to see a new day new week new month of the year. Say your prayers and rejoice for today.

Dear Lord, I give you all the praises for making me see a new day, new week and new month of the year. This unique in all its way and that’s why I am thanking for such an amazing opportunity to wake up to today. Keep me safe and protect me from all the calamity of life. In Jesus name.

Turn my dreams to reality oh Lord. bring all my enemies to shame and create in me a new heart so that the right spirit can be renewed in me. I am your son/ daughter oh Lord, do not cast me away from your spirit. Be with me today and forever, so that I can contiue to adore you you everyday in everyway. Happy new month dear Lord.

Thank you for this opportunity to be counted among the living. To you be all the glory and honour given to. I commit my ways into your hands this month, take perfect control and support me as I walk your path. Do not be far away from me oh Lord. Renew in me the power to be your son/ daughter and make me work well in your path. Let your glory shine in my life so I can be an evidence of walking for you and in you. Be with me today and forever in Jesus name. Amen!

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