New Years Eve Prayer(s) – Looking for some new years eve prayers to usher in your new year prayers for 2018, catholic prayer for the new year, blessings for new year, or serve as new year’s prayer poem, prayers for entering the new year, new year prayer quotes, new year family prayer? Then check these 10 amazing new years eve prayers I have on here and use that as the tool to march into the new year with authority and force.

We are sons and daughters of God, aren’t we? Prayer is our utmost tool in collecting what God has designed for us. If I were you, I would jump on this right away and use these prayers as my tools in connecting with God.

Amazing new years eve prayer(s) for you

1. You are the God that brings all things in its new ways. You give us the hope to believe in our future. You made a way through our spirits and have complete trust and faith in you. Thank you for the year that will soon leave us, and thank you for the new year we are coming into. We believe so much in the opportunities and the potentials. We know you will light up our fire and make us winners in the new year. Make us a winner in out time, and let our fire burn so high to meet our glory. Thank you Lord. Amen.

2. Oh Lord, let me live forever in your name so that I may see the wonders you have in store for me. Let all the mistakes of my past leave with the old year, and let the new year usher in a new me. Amen.

3. Create in me a pure heart heavenly father, and make the right spirit live in me.Do not push me away, Lord my God, let the Holy Spirit direct everything in me. Restore my lost glories oh God and let me be a winner in the new year. Amen.

4. You did it in the last year, I know you will do it. I leave all the opportunities and challenges of the new year into your hands. Lift me up and let me stand. Let your light shine in my life and let me be the greatest that you have always wanted me to be. Yes Lord. Amen.

5. God I pray that you will bless me in the mornings, noon and nights. I know you will bless my new day and my new year. I know you will give me a pure heart to live in you and for you. prepare me for the new year oh God and make me the best version of who I am. Amen.

6. In this new year, I rededicate my life to you. I prepare myself a holy place to your name. Come into my heart and my life oh God and take charge of everything I lay my hands on. Protect me from the evils of the world and make me win once again. Amen

7. I remember your amazing grace today and everyday and I pray that your grace will follow me wherever I go. Amen.

8. Start and end the new year with me oh Lord. Be with my family, friends and colleagues today and forever. Amen.

9. Thank you for the new mornings. Thank you for the bright days. Thank you for the blessings. I know you will do all of these and more in the new year. Be with me and guide me all through the phases: dark and bright that the new year has to offer. Amen.

10. Let your spirit direct me into the new year and all the days of my life oh God. Amen!

Do you have any new years eve prayer you want to share? I’ll be glad to have them.

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