You think this is only for Nigerian ladies looking for husband alone? NO! Whether you are a Nigerian man looking for love, meet rich Nigerian guys to marry, serious about getting married this year, woman looking for marriage, single woman looking for a man, american woman looking for marriage, american lady looking for husband, single man looking for marriage, mature girl looking for a man, or you are even looking for a foreigner husband, then you are reading the right post, The Single for Wedlock MatchMaking Forum is here for YOU!

Finding love can be debilitating and can involve a lot of time and emotional investment. It becomes worse when you have little time to interact and network, owing to the nature of your job and other allied matters. It is on the aegis of this brand of constraints that the initiative of Singles For Wedlock was birthed, mastered, and is currently connecting lovers to their better halves, all day, every day.

The Singles For Wedlock is a dream occasioned by the perceived unacceptable populace of single people here and around who have been conditioned by their various schedules to a drab work-home-place of worship triangle, with little or no time for the socialites and little diversions that are necessary to create the ambiance and platforms on which romance and its attendant needs would thrive.

A brainchild of its founder and chief executive of The Gem Foundation, Ayoola Faseyi, it prides itself in the abilities of seasoned matchmakers, of course led by the founder, there is a promise of a sophisticated and result oriented matchmaking system that hands you not just the match, but the perfect fit for your peculiarities and needs.

It is the responsibility and duty of the matchmakers to marry your tastes, life perspectives, values, and ideals with that of your date in order to avoid mismatches and compatibility problems which could spell trouble in the future. The icing on the cake and the singling difference of what we bring to the table is the add-on of constant checks and follow ups which come on the heels of the perfect date being arranged and union consummated. There is also the perk of constant moral and psychological support being given per time to oil the wheels of love and make for a happy home hereafter.

Members Safety is a priority on SFW

The Singles For Wedlock platform is a chat-room and database which warehouses single men and women from all shades and walks of life who seek love but are too busy with offline commitment to go find it. the platform aims to bridge that gap and bring soul mates closer and together. By request, intending members are screened and added to the chat group.

Recruitment into the group is strictly for those the group adjudges ready for marital union by the yardstick of a number of factors, which is decided by the team.

The process is painstaking, thorough and precise. It is hardly an easy ride, since the integrity and vision of the group is guarded with green jealousy. It starts from the adding on stage, and interested parties are copiously screened before allowing them into the group. It has not been unheard that are dubious people who always take advantage of platforms like this to dupe, deceive, extort, abuse, and disorient unsuspecting people, and as such the verification process is transparent, and carried out by eagle-eyed experts who have years of experience in matters like this under their belt.

There is still a caveat though- members are solely responsible and liable for any transactions they undertake with members of the platform, and people are advised to be careful and shrewd in their dealings. There are messages of warning sent out from time to time advising them in this line, as SFW will not be held liable for any unsavoury deals or engagements outside the purview of the terms of reference of the group.

Minimum Age Requirement for the Platform

While many opine that age is just a figure, we believe that the figure translates into maturity on several fronts requisite for a good marital relationship, and as such we have pegged the age bracket for males to be 30 years, and minimum of 25 for females.

Matchmaking plans or Cadres

Owing to our vast experience in matters of the heart such as this, we have understood that there are diversities of capabilities in this dating game. Some people require help to get their soul mate, others just need the platform and off they go, interacting and hitting it off. On the aegis of this, we have two plans which cater for all these needs, the SFW Bronze and SFW Gold.

i. The SFW Bronze Plan

This is the basic plan. Once the intending member is screened, he is added to the group where he sets about meeting someone who aligns with his preferences. There are a variety of programs like the hot seat where people rain questions on a candidate on the seat with the aim of knowing the person. There are other programmes also tailor made for this purpose like the Ladies and Men’s Night Out, and stuff. There is strict discipline and chats and muses that are tangential to the ideals of the group are not allowed except for weekends. The service on this plan is for free.

ii. The SFW Gold Plan

This is a more direct matchmaking service that is guided and assisted in nature. It is for singles who want to hook up in the shortest possible time, say 6-8 months, and may not want to participate in the group chat but want a direct link-up with their soulmates.

The matchmaker simply profiles the person(age bracket, religious beliefs, physical appearance, etc) and does a direct linking with someone who fits that bill instantly. This is faster and more effective than the Bronze Plan. It costs a token.


There have been testimonies and results which have trailed this move since inception. Three marriages have been consummated, and two introductions have been done, with the wedding dates soon to be announced.

Gabriel and Favour:

Nigerian ladies looking for husband

It all began like a joke, they both joined the group like every other person, and they had started getting a long well despite being paired with different people. Yet somehow it seemed like they were meantt to be together. Gabriel lived in Port Harcourt, worked with an oil firm while Favour was in Ibadan, working as well. They both wanted themselves and held on to their dreams and ideals of deciding to be together. In the words of Gabriel, anyone can marry whoever he or she wants to if he or she wants to.

Paul and Ayo:

Nigerian ladies looking for husband

Paul thought the platform was like the others around, and he joined in a casual manner. For some reason he felt there were too many beautiful ladies who looked too fine to be single, and hastily jumped to conclusions and left. He was inquired after by a lady who wanted to know the reason he left, to which he replied that he wasn’t sure he could fit the bill of the ladies he saw there. One thing led to another, and before both of them fell for each other and they are married today, the rest being love history.

In his words,’I never believed I could find love on this platform. It was all a huge joke to me, but today it is the link to my marital success.’

Jephthah and Faith:

Nigerian ladies looking for husband

Jephthah felt it was all an effort in futility as there were so many hurdles to finding his missing rib on the platform-ideological, location, tribal and religious differences to mention a few. But he was close to Faith as things progressed on the platform.

They started off as harmless, unromantic friends, who confided in each other. They met physically at the SFW hangout recently organized, and that was the shot of Cupid’s arrow that became difficult to dislodge. Today they are man and wife.

According to Faith:

I first saw Jeff as a friend and confidant, he was so cool-headed and I unconsciously developed feelings for him though innocently. We laugh and fight but the unique thing about us is that we never let the night fall on us quarelling.’

You can read about the amazing wedding story of Jephthah and Faith on Deedeesblog HERE.

The SFW is commited to making love a culture and it is bringing forth results. It promises to tie those loose ends and make love and life a bliss. Join in today, if you have such needs.

You can reach out the SFW MatchMaking Forum on the platforms below:

The hotline is 07035965961, the website is
Facebook-Singles For Wedlock Nigeria

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The brain behind Deedeesblog, Detola is a content writer, relationship coach, documentary photographer and Editor. Detola loves LOVE and believes that love is the greatest gift humans can give to one another. He coined the name thePhotoblogger after realizing how much he loves to tell visual stories of people and places. His vision is to document people living under $1 per day and places with tremendous potentials for investment opportunities. Deedeesblog is a platform of life and love documentary. Connect with Detola on

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