Love is Enough!

Someone once said Love is not enough to run a successful relationship and the thought did spread on social media.

The thought was, aside love, “commitment, selflessness, care, trust and suchlike” are needed to run a relationship.

I didn’t agree with the thought and here’s my reason.

The society we live in has done so much injustice to the definition of love.

They’ve described love as a feeling you have for the other person and that misconception often lead many into marital errors.

They have ascribed feelings to love, such that once it feels great then it’s love.

Advanced Dictionaries got it all wrong too by defining love as “a great feeling of likeness or affection”.

In reality, love isn’t a thing you feel (good feelings) but a thing you do, just that “feelings” are the thermometer of love.

“Feelings are the thermometer of love. Feelings are what love uses to thrive.”

But that it feels good all the time doesn’t mean it’s love. Rebuke can make you feel sad, yet it’s necessary in a working relationship. AND THAT IS AN ELEMENT OF LOVE!

Here’s my explanation:

When I hear people say, “My partner doesn’t love me anymore”, I try to ask why they think so and the answers would be like, “‘he doesn’t care’, ‘she nags’, ‘he is too proud’, ‘she’s uncultured’, ‘he’s not trustworthy’ and so on.

When your partner does something that betrays your trust, YOU FEEL BAD, right?

That means those things find expression through feelings.

Back to love…

Love is like the air. We’re told it’s a mixture of gases. We can see the gases but can’t see the air.

Love is like a tree and every good thing that engenders joy make up the branches.

That means, commitment, selflessness, trust, integrity, thoughtfulness, care, dedication, devotion, etc, are what make love.

Finally, when someone proves to love you and the affection isn’t tied to applauding values, it’s LUST!

LUST will only see physical endowments but LOVE, inner beauty.

So will you agree with me that love is enough?



What do you think about this post made by Olalekan Adebumiti. Is love truly enough?

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