Olamide STEM song video lyrics for you. After bagging an endorsement deal with Sterling Bank for the corporate social responsibility scheme (CSR), known as Sterling Environmental Makeover (STEM), Olamide has gone ahead to drop this theme song for the STEM and its currently being played all over the Nigerian airwaves.

In his usual charismatic voice, Olamide did justice to the beautiful rendition produced by Young John (the wicked producer). The STEM song is currently getting all the street credit it deserves. Every Olamide’s songs get that, Right?

I believe the song came in at the right time though, with the recent environmental issues like flooding in the city of Lagos arising majorly from the non-nonchalant attitude of Lagosians and Nigerians with respect to cleaning of the environment.

What do you know about STEM?

Launched 8 years ago as part of the Sterling Bank CSR initiative that attempts to set up an institution to support living a quality life and building a safe and stable environment devoid of dirt and diseases on a long term. The sterling bank STEM CSR initiative has gone ahead to reach and partner with agencies that manage wastes in more than 14 states in the country.

Apart from cleaning of the environment, the STEM initiative also embarked on tree planting exercise across states in the country. The STEM CSR initiative promotes hygiene, prompt sanitation and improved environment to aid the sustainability of lives and properties. Amazing initiative this really is.

Listen and enjoy:

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You can also watch the “Olamide – STEM video below:

I sincerely hope that Nigerians will not just listen and dance to this song, rather, it would steer us up to the knowledge of cleaning up our surroundings and environment. Environmental sustainability should not be left to Sterling Bank and Olamide alone. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that our environment remains clean.

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