Sharing responsibilities in the home – Whether you have a godly family or not, the man is seen as the head of the home and the overall king to his queen. Therefore, it is expected that as the head of the home, he should provide for the home; financially and materially.

Traditionally and according to our culture, a man goes to work and provides for the family financially while the woman stays back to manage the home; spiritually and socially. It is assumed that the wife owns the home, because she is the manager of the resources in the home.

This jinx has been seen to be broken in recent times with the rise in feminism and the staunch statements made by men that they can’t and won’t marry a lady who is not ready to hold her sway in being financially responsible in the home.

While some quarters may decide to see this as a case of a man passing his birthright to his wife (A subject of discussion for another day), it is assumed that men do not want to marry women who will constitute financial liability in the home.

Nowadays, women are seen to work outside the home and still keep up with the responsibility of keeping the home together. There is a gradual shift from our traditional, socio-cultural mindset to a modern understanding of the societal pressure of financially managing a home solely as a man.

Now that women are beginning to play more vital role in managing a home from the financial perspective, will it be safe to assume that other domestic responsibilities in the home be shared? The arguments that has been generating a lot of traction in recent times is the fact that, since maintaining financial responsibility is a major tonic for leadership in the home, shouldn’t the leadership be shared between the man and his wife?

They say two heads make one, two leaders should make one as well. The theory is that if a lady works really hard to bring something to the table, then the direction of the affairs of the table should not be handled solely by the man. It should be handled by both.

While we still have the traditional/ cultural mindset of it being unreasonable and unrealistic to have the wife share in the headship of us ingrained in our sub-consciousness, it will be fair to also support the wife in taking care of the home as well.

I leave you with the following questions and your sincere answers:

As the man:

Can you clean the toilet while your wife cooks in the kitchen?
Can you do laundry while she cleans the house?
Can you be submissive to your wife since she is submissive to you?

To the woman:

Can you share financial responsibilities with your man?
Will you allow him cook while you watch TV?
Will you put your life on the line to make sure your husband stay happy at home?

You want her to bring something to the table, you need to clear the table before she brings it, don’t you? Hey, this is not a competition between the men and the women ( I am not a feminist, it is just about understanding certain perspective to life and making the marriage work). I await your comments!



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