Funny right? yes that’s what it would mean to you but for some others who are interested in getting their women wet, these paragraphs to make her wet will surely come handy!

I have tried to up the ante most of the time with my girlfriend when it comes to getting her to want me and making her rush to meet me anywhere I am, and this is attributed to the crazy and sensual paragraphs for bae that I get to send.

You want to try what has worked for me? Then try my paragraphs for your woman and see what will happen next!

One unique paragraph to make her wet that did all the job for me was this:

I can't wait to have you ion my room. I would have started nibbling on your neck by then, licking your earlobes and making you purr in ecstasy like a cat. I will rub my hands all over your body starting from the nape of your neck to the two mound of flesh dangling right in front of me. I will carry you romantically and tease you as we move into my room, and guess what I will do to you next!

Wait for it until you get here!

I have also used this paragraph to get her wet and it has always worked for me:

You can scream all you want but I will make you sure I smack your butts so hard and spank it like a crazy fella. I am going to lick everywhere like a sick and drunk boyfriend. Just in between your thighs is where I will make my abode, teasing and tickling. Fondling and touching. I will make you scream my name in pure submission and by the time you are all over asking me to get in there. I'll stop and make you beg me for more!

What do you think? You want more paragraphs to make her wet? Hit me in the comments below!

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