When you are swamped within the epiphany of love and romance, you will be pushed in displaying your emotions, one of which is true the sending of passionate messages to the love of your life.

DO you have a relationship or love life in which both of you are in so crazy about each other? Do you feel so passionate about the love of your life and you are trying to sum up the right words to let him/ her know how in love you are, then you need to check out these passionate messages that are very much what you hope for.

Passionate messages of love for boyfriend or girlfriend

My life, my future is all for you. I just could not dream of being with someone else. You have shown me the way, the path to emotional fulfillment and with you is where I’ll wine and dine till the rest of my days. I am so grateful for our love and passionate about you that I will give everything up to be with you. I love you!

My love for you knows no bounds. It is limitless. My love for you is dreamy and special. The way I feel for you is different and I will love you unconditionally. You are as precious as a piece of art that is timeless, even more precious infact and I will love you from yesterday to today to forever. Thank you for everything.

You comfort my soul whenever I am down and weary. You have made me see life from a different perspective. You made me realize that loving someone is just not enough but being in love with that person is really what the real deal is. I am so in love with you and I promise to stand by your side forever. Thanks for being my love.

My love, my life. My today, tomorrow and future. I want you to know this today, that you hold a special place in my life. I will always love you and protect you from the evils of this world. I will be your man and you will be my woman. You are amazing and special and I love you like that.

What is not given by God, will not last long with someone. You were given to me by God and that’s why we have always stayed with each other through thick and thin. Thanks for having my back always. I appreciate you today and forever. Thank you for loving me.

You are a special kind of angel that support, loves and protects. Truth is God will not just come down to protect hus children but he will send people like you and me for one another. I am glad that you are mine, and will never take that for granted. I love you so much.

I know there are still angels living among us on the surface of the earth and truly, you are one of them. The way you have been able to do the things that you do baffles me till now and I just can’t imagine how great you will be if you continue doing things the way you do. I love you so much my darling. Keep being you.

I am grateful to God for having you as my love. I will never forget the day we met because you came into my life at the right time when I was in my lowest moments. This has endeared me to you and has made me loe you in a crazy way. I love you more than you can ever say or think. God bless our union.

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