After the long buzz and hype on the Internet, The Blogger’s Brunch had its much awaited first Brunch at the Due by Chef Dish Restaurant, Ademola Adetokunbo, VI in Lagos.

The event which took place on the 20th of August 2016 had a lot of fashion, beauty and style bloggers in attendance. Suprisingly, about 98 percent of the attendees were ladies. Where were all the male bloggers?LOL

Noble Igwe of 360Nobs was the celebrity blogger invited and he shared his life journey and experience as a fashion and lifestyle blogger. He also charged all the bloggers present to be creative and take their future as entrepreneurs into their hands.

I have decided to share the short videos on my ipad!….

Different fashion and style were in play by all the bloggers who were so beautiful and friendly.

I for one did not have all the time to mingle as I was busy snapping away!…Media Partnership thingy! The display of creative style and colour at the event showed that Nigeria is filled with a lot of potentials with respect to the Fashion space.

I also met popular bloggers as well: Cassandra Ikegbune of cassiedaviesdotcom and ofcourse, my new friend, ever smiling Adetuke Morgan of tukequestdotcom. Amazing ladies!

Highlight of the event: Award Winners

Best Beauty blogger: Alex x Dee – @NappyHaired
Best Lifestyle blogger: Phebe Oleghe @tpurplejournal
Best TBP Coordinator: Sanni-Kamal Aminat @aminatawa

Congratulations to the award winners. Well deserved.

The experienced fashionistas better up their game.These bunch of new and passionate bloggers have come to stay, and they are waiting, very ready to exhale!

Let me leave the review of the event and the goody in the goody bags to the fashion and beauty bloggers who were guests of the brunch.

My General thoughts:

Fantastic event, amazing turnout considering the fact that it was the inaugural brunch. many thanks to Nobel Igwe for taking out time to inspire young and passionate entrepreneur.

His story was really inspiring.

Elektra was on hand as expected to capture as much pictures as possible:

I hope I was able to do justice to the event…with my photo-story..Enjoy the timelines below:











IMG_0713 IMG_0714 IMG_0721 IMG_0783


The TBP Team:




With Noble Igwe:



With Desire 1709:


Award winners:




Food & Drinks:






Remember to drop your comments below, if you attended this brunch. Give us your general review of the brunch and also share this post with your blogger friends who missed this edition.

They could live the experience right here too. If you miss the live experience, don’t miss the pictures!

Deedeesblog was a proud media partner of TBPBloggerBrunch1 Lagos.

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