No that’s not right! Do you need to send God the prayer for him to fall in love with you? There is no need to do the prayer for him to fall in love with me and you need to read up to see why!

It is never okay for me to tell someone to fall in love with me, while I can pray that she loves me right back because I am in love with her, telling God to make her fall in love with me seem a little bit far fetched, don’t you think?

For me though, I would never appeal to God to make a certain pretty girl fall in love with me because really there is choice in loving someone and falling in love with that person. While there is this special someone that God has prepared for us to fall in love with, it is never right to have that self-thought or belief that because we have certain feelings for someone, then that person is meant for us true and true.

You need to give everything time in your life, you need to separate your wants from your needs. You could meet someone today and that may translate to feelings of affection, but here you need to be careful to determine whether that person shares the same feelings and ideals as you. Someone you are just meeting can’t just fall in love with you straight away because he/ she will need the time to see the stuff you are made of. The qualities embedded inside of you.

Therefore instead of you praying that someone you fall in love with you, you can pray that God should open the eyes of the person you are interested in so that he/ she sees what qualities you have and then the feelings of affection gradually develops from there.

Be careful what you wish for! Falling in love is as delicate as loving!

People will need to feel the beauty of love and loving in you before they can fall in love with you. It is a gradual phase that need to be built over time and should not be based on your selfish interest of wanting someone to yourself. You should see more because you were created to love more.

Love is just not about prayers, it is about finding the right one!

Prayer for him to fall in love with me

This should be the prayer from you to God:

Dear Lord, I know you see my heart. I am in no way or form trying to manipulate people to my side, I will not say this person I love should fall in love with me. I will only ask that you open his eyes, to see the qualities that you have deposited in me. He seems carried away right now, but you can help me to make him focus with direction.

When this happens, he will be able to see me in a different light and appreciate what qualities I have in store as a woman for him. I am not in a haste dear God, as you have taught me to be patient, so I leave all to you to take perfect control. Thanks for answered prayers.



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