Prayer points for money. Ever wondered why you keep working hard and the money isn’t coming in? All you need are the prayer points for money to locate you wherever you are.

A lot of us Christians are just weak spiritually. We keep working and working yet there is nothing to show for it. Truth is, anything you do requires a little bit of prayers for it to grow big. Even things that are big still need a little of prayer to grow bigger. Finding time to request from God with prayer points for money will do no harm and go a long way in getting answers for your dwindling finances.

You need to change the way you think!

Change your mind set. You are not expected to run after money. Money is meant to find you. You are not supposed to beg for money, not to talk of looking everywhere for it. God has ordained that money serves you. You will never known unless you understand this and begin to work your way; making request for money through prayers. As you work  and hope that you receive due consideration for your services, you should also pray that your finances become bouyant.

That’s the way it’s meant to be!

You therefore need the following prayer point for money so that money can locate you and become your footstool. You appreciate how that sounds right?

10 Prayer points for money

1 I pray today in the name of Jesus, that money locates me wherever I find myself working. I command my dwindling finances to resurrect and money serve me according to God’s will in my life.

2 I pray that every dead category of my finances be resurrected in the name of Jesus. I know I am rich and I believe in the word of God that says ‘let the poor say I am rich’

3 I pray today, that anywhere my wealth is located, hear the word of the almighty and start working for me immediately.

4 For I, the son/ daughter of God will never lack anything good. For God will provide for my needs according to his riches in glory. I shall never be in want, in every aspect of my life, I will always remain buoyant. In Jesus name!

5 I am rich through the grace of God.

6 He has promised and he will never fail. I believe in God almighty because I Know that he will begin to bless me soon. I have worked hard enough and now it is tikme for money to locate me.

7 In the mighty name of Jesus, my wealth and finances with begin to increase. My funds will begin to get bigger and I will never lack from now henceforth.

8 I pray for the assistance of the angels today, oh Lord, let the angels of blessings come down to bless my finances.

9 I pray that every dead area of my finances and blessings receive resurrection in the name of the Lord. Stretch forth your great hands on my finances and let there be signs and wonders from now henceforth in my life.

10 Almighty God, I pray today that you will send your angels to locate all my wealth that has been buried and stolen. Let your will be done in my life in Jesus name.

You need to understand that prayer comes with hope and faith. So, as you open your mouth to say these words of prayers to God, BELIEVE that he will bless you! Prayers do not work with doubts and lack of faith.

When you are done with the prayers, also remember to thank God, telling him you are sure your prayers are answered. Thank him because you know he is working already on your behalf and he is going to bless you beyond what you expect.

Now, it’s your turn to share your prayer points for me as you pray for me as well.



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