Prayer SMS to my love – Why not try to send your love a prayer sms and text message today. My collection of prayer sms to my love will sure help you. Don’t you think?

Amazing Prayer SMS to my love

1. May God give you the grace to smile, the power to laugh and the opportunity to be a blessing to others. May you always be the reason for others to smile and thank God. May you levitate others with the glory of God in your life. You will always rise and rise such that you’ll continue to shine.

Beautiful prayer SMS to my love

2. You have an amazing heart and a beautiful soul, and I know you deserve someone with a heart as great as yours. You are indeed special and my prayer is that God will make me more perfect for you. May you stay blessed and different. God is with you already darling.

Special prayer SMS to my love

3. Every day I pray for you that our love never wanes, and that our love never grow old. I pray that you continue to love me the way you have loved me. I pray that the fire of our love never runs dry and you have every reason to profess your love for me every day. I appreciate the day you became my heart beat. I love you darling.

4. I pray that peace will always go with you as you go about your daily activities. Grace will surround you and favour will be your portion in everything you lay your hands on. The goodness, mercies and blessings of God will be with you as you step out today. Be rest assured that God is with you dear.

5. Every word that comes out of your mouth today will have the stamp of God. Everyone you meet today will be touched with the blessing of God, and everyone you talk to today stay happy in God forever. It is your turn to be a man/ woman of glory. Stay glorified darling, God is with you already.

6. You will never have any course to lack anything, remember why you have God? He will always provide for your needs according to his riches in glory. Be rest assured that everything is sorted by God. Relax Boo, God’s got you already. It is well with your soul.

7. No weapons fashioned against you today shall prosper. Every evil machination that wants to attempt to get into your way will fall of the road. God will protect and guide you from the evils of the world. You are an overcomer and you will overcome all kind of evil things on your way. You are blessed already darling. Stay happy.

8. Mercy will never be far away from you. God will increase you in every way and every angle. You will have every reason to be happy and smile. The glory of the almighty will never depart from you. Your enemies will never have any cause to smile, they will never be victorious. God will keep you, protect you and guide you from all the enemies that may want to stifle your greatness. It is well with your soul.

9. I know sometimes things don’t pan out the way you want them to be, but be rest assured that God’s got you and he will send his showers of blessings on you soon. Do not despair, have faith and lines will fall into beautiful places for you.

10. As from this day henceforth, the works of your hands will be fully blessed by God. You will be set up for great wonders by the grace of God. You will be the leader in everything you do, and you will never regret loving God and doing his will. He’s got you darling, keep the faith.

11. Whatever you go for today, God will make it manifest in your life. Whatever you plan today, God will make it happen for you. Whatever are your desires today, God will bless you with the will power to make them come into play for you. You will achieve all that you are set out to achieve in Jesus Name.

12. It is your time to move into the day and have the best of it. It is your time to make use of the opportunities that come your way. Go for it dear, God will beam the heavenly lights on you. He will surprise and make everything work together for your good. Keep calm.

13. For everything you do this week and throughout the rest of your life. God in his glory will shine all the blessings of his royalty on you. Every evil authority that have come together to displace you will scatter before your very eyes in Jesus name. God with grace, the almighty God is with you.

14. I woke today and my thoughts were of you. You are the best gift of God to my life. I see myself as a blessed lover because of the gift of God through you. You are a special man/ woman and I won’t you up for anything in this world. You are the light that will shine on my path. Thanks for being my lover, I appreciate you.

15. Loving you has been the most exciting thing in my life. I feel like God really rewarded me for my search all through the years. Every day I feel excited in every way, and I am sure God sent you my way to heal me of my pains. I love you so much because you are blessed already.

16. As you move around today to search for what you will eat, I pray that nothing will eat you in Jesus name. The strength that God gives without stress and toil will be for you. You will find every work you lay your hands on easy. Stay blessed.

17. Every scheme of the devil will never have any place in your life. You are already sanctified in God. He has placed you in the waters of his protection. God with grace my dear, you are triumphant already. God is with you. Amen. Stay blessed.


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