Praying for God to change someone’s heart? Then jump in here, let’s pray together! Who are you praying for? Husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, family, or friends? Now is the time to pray for God to change their hearts.

Praying for God to change someone’s heart

Are you praying for God to change someone’s heart? Then join me, let’s lift our voices high up!

I will praise you oh Lord! I will exalt you. Great is your name king of glory and mighty is your word in heaven and the earth. Your greatness, I can’t even think of, you greater than the greatest and bigger than the biggest. You are the Lord above all the earth. Noone can ever compare to you great God. I call on your name today, please hear my prayer. Do not hid your face at all, because your face is all I need right now. Turn you ear and hear me oh God. I am in difficulty and distress. Hear my cry dear Lord and save me today and the one I love.

I pray today that you give us strength to survive this mountain. Strengthen us with your spirit oh Lord. Live in his/ her heart and life. Take charge and take control. I know you can do this and I believe you have done it. Forgive us al our sins that may render our prayers unanswered, and fill us with the fruits of Holy spirit. Guide us through these deepest times and give us the fruits of love, kindness, forbearance, patience and goodness.

Give my lover the spirit to forgive, the spirit of faith and belief in you. Let him/ her get closer to you. Open the eyes of his/ heart so that he/ her may see you. Breathe into him/ her dear God and let him/ her come to life. I thank you because I know you have done it. You are a great God and I know that you will change his/ her heart.

Thank you everlasting father. You are the greatest and the most powerful God.

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