Whether it’s work or business related, getting promoted usually elicit and exciting and fulfilling feeling and as a partner you should share some promotional messages through the promotional messages examples that I have here.

How much does your your lover promotion mean to you?  You are indifferent or it means a lot?  If you are the former,  then this post is not for you however if you are the latter then you should grab your phone right now and begin to send the promotion messages through these promotion messages examples that I have on here.

You want to thank me for inspiring to send a text through my promotion messages examples, just chill!

Wait till the end of the post and thank me.

Below is my collection of 20 promotion messages examples that you can send or that can give you more creative ideas of how to share promotion messages with the person you love.

You sure know that he/she will be extremely delighted at your thoughtfulness.


Promotional messages examples that you should send NOW

1 You have worked hard since and now you deserve this promotion. You have squeezed out time to make everything work properly for you. Now is the time to reap the fruits of your labour, May God bless you as you get promoted today. This will open doors for many more promotions to come. Congratulations.

2 I am sure that with this promotion now, it means your pockets will be heavier and everything will begin to make more sense careerwise for you. I know you creative, smart and talented you are and I wish you the very best of the new job level. Congratulations, Enjoy!

3 You desperately craved and wanted this promotion, and now you have it. Congratulations dear, it is a position rightly worked for and rightly deserved. Enjoy the new role.

4 You have unmatched abilities, your skills are second to none. The kind of knowledge you have can’t be gotten elsewhere, and your experience has made you indispensable. You truly deserve this promotion. Congratulations dear. Have the best of the new position, I’m proud of you.

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