• Reoccurring issues:

In some way, this is similar to the point I made above, some couples just don’t seem to let go of the past. Some significant others like doing that same thing their partner has complained endlessly about over and over again thereby causing a rancor in such a relationship.

For instance, a married lady that keeps a lot of male friends who in turn makes the husband feel insecure might take discussions with her husband over these particular issues with a pinch of salt as to her, the growing number of male friends in her clique are harmless are plainly no strings attached relationships.

When this keeps happening over a long period of time, the husband will definitely get tired of having a civil discussion and he might result to sorting out the issue some other way that might eventually harm the munion. When this happens, the marriage gets at the brink of divorce, resorting to another self developed remedy after dialogue has failed is not a good idea, seeing a bonafide therapist around you is.

• Finances:

This is always on top of the list when it comes to reasons why couples have a misunderstanding. Bossy spouses who think keeping the family’s expenditure all to themselves is a good idea are of the bedrocks of relationships having a shaky foundation. When you demand to know about how the money being made by the family is being put to use and your significant other objects, there is no need to push further as that will only degenerate and escalate matters, the best thing to do is to sign up to have a session with a qualified therapist who can help walk you both through the dangers of keeping your partner in the dark when it comes to financial accountability.

• Kids:

In this part of the world, one of the reasons why people come together to function as one is to procreate, in as much as seeing younger versions of yourselves is a good idea, they can also bring a strain to your near perfect relationship. Courtship and marriage is all about two people will different background coming together to live and function as one entity, parenting style and favoritism is one of the reasons why couples often disagree when it comes to children’s upbringing.

When it is obvious there are conflicting values on how a child should be raised, when having a dialogue to fish out the best of the practices doesn’t seem to work out, seeing a therapist is the next best thing.

• When you nurture unexpressed feelings:

Several counselors have received couples who complain about their wives not putting I efforts that shows they love them, when indepth enquiries are made, half of those couples turn out to actually love their spouse but just couldn’t express themselves because they were waiting for the right moment to do it which rarely even comes. This is where counselors come in, they help with clearing your head and taking your mind off all of the work related stress in a bid to help you focus on that on person you vowed to love come rain come sunshine.

How much does relationship counseling cost?

After getting caught up in the above points, I know you must have been wondering about just how much does relationship counseling cost; to answer your question, there is no standard or fixed price for counselors, their prices are decided by the organizations they work for or by individual discretion. So far so good, in Lagos, Nigeria the average cost per hour is around eighty thousand naira ( $240) and couples are meant to have extensive sessions that run over a period of three months or more depending on how serious the issue you are being counseled on is.

I am quite certain after reading the last paragraph up there you must have lost interest probably because you are just average lovers that can barely afford that kind of money which brings you to ruminating on how successful relationship counseling is, well, to be candid, the success of marriage counseling depends on the parties involved. Not all the counseling sessions results to the resolution of the conflict that brought them to the counselor in the first place, but, you are sure t be satisfied with whatever outcome the counseling sessions presents you with.

This single article will most definitely not answer all the questions that have been troubling your mind since the start of this article, as the Englishmen will always say, it is better to hear from the horse’s mouth, so, I will round up this piece by recommending relationship counseling centers you can try out in Nigeria.

Below is a few of the numerous counseling centers near me scattered around Lagos;

1. DeeDee’s Relationship Counselling Service – DeeDeesMedia

If you want the best in telephone counselling with unparalleled quality focus on your freedom from life issues, then you can reach out to me for counseling.

Telephone counselling which is what I do attempts to bring your counselor and therapist closer to you, establishing a solid relationship between the two of you. This medium of interaction also aids your endless problem-solving search.

Borne out of passion to help people through psychological issues relating to love and relationships, I started the wheels of counselling by engaging people all over the world to share and discuss their problems with the aim of finding a lasting solution to it.

2. TBH Therapy:

One top relationship counseling near met who has proven to be effective over time is Chiadu Ndu, a prestigious lady who was called to bar in the year 1987. She furthered her education to snatch up a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology coupled with a certificate in Addiction Counseling and she tops it all with multiple Diplomas in Stress Management And Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

According to averaged reviews from her numerous clients, her approach to counseling has been described to be warm, relaxed, with a listening ear, a heart of acceptance and non judgment. She relates with clients from the perspective of their strengths. She is really worth a search on google and if you like what you see, you can simply hit her up or visit her office that is located at C&I Leasing Drive, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

3. “23 24”:

This relationship counseling near me is just located in Lagos, Nigeria and they have been actively involved in organizing counseling sessions for families and courting couples since year 2008. This establishment comprises of trained personnel’ who never stop learning simply because they want to be the best of the best when it comes to counseling in Nigeria. Here, they do not really give a specified period for your counseling, they simply ask you to come until you are satisfied with their services. Getting to them is pretty easy as they are located at number 11, toyin street, Ikeja, Lagos.

These are the counseling centers near me that came out on top of the numerous list my team combined. Let me know your thoughts about relationship counseling near me in Lagos or in Nigeria as a whole.

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