I sincerely can’t comprehend when someone says “he hasn’t called me for the past one week or she rarely calls me”.

Guys, if you are in that situation your boyfriend/girlfriend or fiance hardly calls you or messages you or keep a constant relationship with you, then you are so single. Oh yeah!

Communication is one of the major ingredients to a successful relationship. Effective communication helps your relationship grow. How would you say you are in a relationship with someone and you don’t communicate? You even go days without calling or messaging one another

You can’t be in love with someone and don’t want to keep in touch, it is not possible. That’s why I laugh most times when babes say “He is a busy man” that’s why he calls you twice a week? Or even once? No matter how busy you are, you will find time to reach out to your loved ones.

Even if it is only through text message, at least their would be a sort of communication between you two.

Don’t be deceived,the moment the communication is becoming one sided or you call and he/she hardly picks or return your calls, then you are on your own.

I personally don’t believe in a relationship where communication is to the barest minimum or even non-existent. You are either dating yourself or the relationship is on its way down the drain.

If you find yourself in this category, call up your partner (and if he/she is forming busy as usual) send a long mail to him/her about everything.

Do not act desperate nor difficult, just push for dialogue with the intention of amending what went wrong.

You both should talk, communication is pretty important.

Also,just to remind you, if he/she is not getting the gush of the emotional attention from you, then she/he is definitely getting it from someone else, and just maybe if he/she is not getting it yet, his/her closet is getting empty day by day.

Make that change today. Communication is key. We can’t preach that enough.

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