Romantic Lunch Messages For Boyfriend – Looking for romantic lunch messages for boyfriend? Check the messages below!

1. I know how hard working you can be, and I know the extent you can go to ensure that you keep working on yourself. I know your level of passion and dedication and I am sure you will get there in no time. Keep working hard dear, God is with you already. Have a great lunch.

2. It's lunch time, have you had lunch already? I can manage and bring lunch for you darling. Just holla at me and I will be right by your office. Toddles!

3. Hi Baby, good afternoon. I know you will have so much to do today but please promise me that you will find time to go for lunch. See you later darling. I love you so much. Cheers!

4. Make sure you don't skip lunch today Baby. You need the food for energy. God be with you.

5. I know you have a heavy timeline and hectic schedule, and this is why I am sending this gentle reminder so you can go ahead to have lunch. It is pretty important that you do darling. God is with you. I love you!

6. My love for your keeps increasing everyday. I just feel that I should share this with you!

7. Hey darling. I hope you are having the best of the day. Please don't put too much pressure on yourself and make sure you head out for lunch on time. Cheers!

8. Just in case you are having a bad day. Just know that I am here and praying that it turns out good for you eventually. Have an amazing day at work.

9. In case you are thinking whether I am crazy about you. The answer is YES, I am really into you, and I can't seem to get enough of you.

10. All I wish is just to become your office laptop so that I can be right in front of you!





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