You don’t know how to seduce him via text messages? Then you need to check these seductive paragraphs for him that I have in here, and you will thank me later.

Your man is not around you and there is the need to seduce him and make him want you from wherever he is, these seductive paragraphs for him will definitely come in handy.

Remember that you need some sort of short, sensual, erotic way of using word play to get him craving for you. That’s why seductive paragraphs for him will be useful to you.

Go ahead, describe how you feel in form of short texts, use erotic and romantic love words  to ignite the fire and get the passion flowing in your relationship.

Seductive paragraphs for him

1. Hey you, I am standing outside my door right now, checking out my surrounding. Trying to think through the activities of the week, but this is so difficult for me to achieve. My mind keeps fluttering and drifting back to you. I can still feel the sweetness of your lips on mine, and the thoughts of your fingers touching sending loads of sweetness down my spine. The simple efforts you make to take our relationship to the next level excites me. I feel raw, and craving for you right now. Can’t wait to see you again!

2. I never really understand the meaning of craving until you came into my life. The way your love is shared with me is intense and crazy. I savor your caress every single day because I am truly addicted to you. I need you right now, I need you so much.

3. You are my dream come true, a fantasy that’s come to life. The way you touch me tickles me so much. The way your fingers roam all over my body drives me insane. I know that together we can build a forever that will start from today till eternity. I miss you as always.


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