Sexting messages to send to your boyfriend are one of the effortless ways to spice things up a little in your relationship, especially when you’ve been apart for a while. That aside, flirty and s*xting messages in a relationship does not necessarily have to be when you two are apart, it s*xting messages can also be exchanged between couples in the same room just to make things more flirty, heat up things and have lots of fun exploring both of your adult fantasies.

Basically, texting can be used at any stage in your relationship, whether it’s just a few weeks old and you are just getting to fully know each other or it’s been 10 years since you’ve been together already, it doesn’t matter. S*xting is a fun way to build up anticipation and prepare yourselves mentally for what’s about to happen when you finally get to me, it’s a way of cutting the chase and getting right to the point of ripping each other’s clothes off immediately the door is closed behind you.

S*xting doesn’t necessarily have to be detailed, sometimes it can be a light, flirty text to make your boyfriend know you appreciate him, you have blissful thoughts of him and to show him how much you like him. Relationships sometimes get boring as each party involved is focused on work and every other thing circled around it, wanting to get your boyfriend turned on and return the spark that was in the relationship at the early stage of it can be a bit tricky but men are like the switches that operate our lighting in the room, there is only one rule to getting their attention, turn them on and all you ever desire in the bedroom and the relationship will be yours without much hassle and that’s what brings us to texting as it plays an enormous role in modern romance.

Texting which is usually short and mostly allows for 160 characters to be sent back and forth but the power it brings to your fingertips when it comes to bringing couples together is second to none. S*xting also heightens intimacy and strengthens the s*xual connection between you and your boyfriend. The bitter truth is, it has never been an easy task to excite a man, make him want you and drive him crazy with longings for you alone. The s*xting texts you can send to your boyfriend contained in this article can help spice things up, give them a try and your love life will take a turn for the better.

Great sexting messages to send to your boyfriend

1. I had a naughty dream last night that sent me way above the clouds into an oblivion, If you can’t already placed who it was in the dream I did all those naughty things with, I’ll help your out of the darkness with a clue, move closer, let me whisper it into your ears, I’m texting him right now *winks*

2. I am here in bed, lying awake staring at the ceilings fully bored and that’s when I realized something is missing in my life and that’s you, between my legs with your strong strokes I never seem to match, I miss you.

3. I just got myself a sweet on a stick and while sucking away at it I felt the urge to suddenly get naked and have you here with me to play out all of my fantasies that seem to evolve every now and then.

4. Just now, I am listening to a song with very thought provoking lyrics making my hands magically go down my undies squeezing both of my boobs and damn when I went a little farther down, there seems to be a little fountain underneath of me, all of this with thoughts of you on my mind, if you were probably here we could have transformed some of my thoughts into reality, I’ve been really naughty today and sure deserves some spanking, I just wish there was someone here to do it. You can already guess what I have on my mind right now, here’s a clue, it involves my tongue, you naked and me getting down on my knees, I’m drooling and dying to find out if you are as good in real life as you are in my fantasies. I can’t just help but touch myself when I think of you.

5. This place seems not to be the same establishment I fallen in love with, work has been boring these days especially with me getting distracted about this hot guy that’s always on my mind and his fantastic body. This is me trying to let you know if you are ever having a hard time, a really hard time making you feel uncomfortable in your shorts, I will always be there to lend a hand, mouth and a snatch.

6. I just stepped out of the shower and I really do need to take some time to text this really cute guy I know before any other thing like putting my clothes on, could really use some help with creaming my body right now especially with that magical tongue of yours, makes me want to think you are a wizard and I am already soaked by the thoughts of it on a few places I want right now.

7. I just ate a sumptuous dinner and before I get in bed to get my beauty rest, ill like to invite you over for dessert, you can grab a whipped cream on your way here alongside some easy to tear clothing *winks* damn, all I can think of right about now is doing some pretty filthy things with you.

8. Just took a break from a really steamy one hour plus session of me touching myself with the thoughts of you through it all, your good looks won’t just leave my head and that’s when I figured us out, I’ll like us to be more than friends, more like lovers with a really strong s*xual tension.

9. I would like to invite you over to my place this weekend for no reason at all but, I can’t promise to keep my hands all to myself as if you were here right now as I am composing this text, we would definitely not talk nor flirt or even hug for a bit, I’ll give you a soulful stare with some magical spells that’ll see to it that your clothes are off of you in no time at all.

10. I keep having this weird dream about you wanting me naked in your bed over and over again, be honest here, is that why you invite me over for coffee because you know the caffeine content has been proven to improve a woman’s libido? Or is it past hangouts for you and you really want to date me?

Sultry sexting messages to send to your boyfriend

11. Just a quick question for you, what and how do you go about it when you can’t stop fantasizing about someone but you have no idea how to open up to them? Well, I am done with the pretense and hiding of how I truly feel about you, this is me coming out clean about finding you attractive, cute and hot. The most intriguing thing you can have me do to make me feel god about coming out clean is putting your mouth on mine.

12. I was only watching the television when my mind veered back to how s*xy and dapper you looked earlier today, I had to take half an hour break from the television if you know what I mean *winks*

13. My friends are always bugged by how much I talk about you, I just can’t help myself, to me, you are the s*xiest man that has ever walked the surface of the planet heart and that’s why I constantly think about you, I’m asking you to dinner tonight, there’s reservation for two in my bedroom, I just wanted to know if you are available.

14. I was only thinking about getting you here tonight and all of a sudden I was completely undressed waiting for you to get here, when you do, don’t stress yourself, leave me to do all the work, I’ll take my time to explore all of you and you are going to scream.

15. Remember all those crazy things I said I would do to you in the bedroom? I think tonight might be the night and if you were here right now, I will tear your clothes off, throw you in bed and have my way with you.

16. Its kind of weird that all I can think about is the sequence of events that unfolded last night I keep replaying that special romp in my head over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over . . . We would be having some crazy fun right now.

17. I have some pretty crazy underwear on right now with so many snaps and straps, you will have to rush down here to help me pull it off, my roommates are out of town already and whatever happens while you are helping me take off the underwear, we can be as loud as we want, I really want to scream my lungs out.

18. This is both a confession and a game, the confession first, I can’t seem to think of any other thing that gets me hotter like you do and there’s something I’ll like to show you, it’s kind of a surprise and you will have to get me fully naked to get it.

19. Let’s be clear here, when we get to see later today, I am going to remove every last bit of clothing you have on button by button, unzip your pants, take them off leg after leg, take off your boxers and throw them against the wall, whatever happens next is totally up to you but hey, you should probably clear your schedule for tomorrow as I plan to stay here with you till late today, very late.

20. Did you know you are incredibly s*xy, if no one has ever told you that, I will prove it to you if you are not busy later today, I’ll make passionate love with you if that’s okay with you?

Sensual sexting messages to send to your boyfriend

21. There’s this guy I have a thing for that makes butterflies play around in my tummy I’m not just certain he knows and right now I can’t believe I am doing this to myself by sending you this text……. Well, the deed is done and now that you know I like you, would you mind coming over to my place but on my own terms, on the condition that you don’t get to keep your hands to yourself, for starters, you will have to tell me where you want to put them hands.

22. Would you hold it against me if I told you-you’ve got a nice and s*xy body? Seriously though, you’re like super hot and ill like to feel your shoulders all over while you take off my pants.

23. Your body is so hot it’s making me thirsty, was that s*xy to you? Because I’m in my birthday suit now, well, that should be s*xy now *winks*

24. According to an unverified result pulled from my recently concluded school research, the three s*xiest things on earth are your chin, shoulders and “you know what”.

25. Just to remind you that today is National Donut Day, I’ve already made preparations for the celebration and it’s to take place in my bedroom, I’ll bring the sugar along and just so you know, I’ve had enough rest yesternight, say about 8 hours beauty sleep in preparation for the rager were about to have this evening, come around by night time and I will show you how prepared I am.

26. I just wanted you to know that right now, in my head, I’m painting a naked picture of you and dang, it looks and feel so good and I really do hope you look that good in real time or even better than what my imaginations can come up with.

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