Dying embers.

Adeola was 21 when she began to die. Her mom was admitted in the university teaching hospital a few days after she visited. She had colon cancer.  Everyone noticed the very beautiful lady that slept kept vigil in the waiting area every night.

Doctor Ejiogu who was in charge of Adeolas mother soon took her out on some nights. On one of those nights they were having drinks in the hospital restaurant when the doctor said, “I m going to recommend you go for a general blood test, Adeola.”


“Your mom, she might be needing your blood soon.”

The doctor watched her for a while. “only a few people I know whom their phones go off as often as yours does. And they are all business men.”

“Well, maybe I m a business woman.”

“What do you sell?” he asked.

My body, she thought. My soul. Do you want to make a deal?

“You should do that test, Deola.” The doctor said as they left the restaurant.

She did take the test. But it was needless.

Her mother passed away two days before the surgery. Doctor Ejiogu was at the burial and so were a dozen other men. His dad wondered how come about this lot of strange faces.

One afternoon not long after, Adeola received a call from the doctor. They met in her small office. The doctor didn’t beat around the bush.

“It’s about your test from the other time.”

He picked a piece of paper from his table and examined it. “I think you need to meet one of our psychologists. For counseling.”

Her heart leaped into her mouth. “why?”

“You have HIV, Adeola.”

Outside, she stood in the sun on watery legs. She knew where her death came from and who she’d shared it with.

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