My rape experience wasn’t a very good one, any rape experience shouldn’t be something someone should boast of.

It all started in my 2nd year,1st semester in the University. Been a cool headed that’s ready to assist people, I had a lot of female friends that come to me for academic assistance. I used to help with few courses we were doing in the university and we used to do group reading.

It all started when I was in a group with ladies with whom I had group meetings which made us close. Among them there was a particular lady that was so interested in me to the point that we became close friends and she started visiting me on weekends to put her through some topics.

In no time, I realized she wanted more than friendship so I started withdrawing. Sometimes she’ll call me to come to her place off campus to put her through some topics saying I’m brilliant and I’m the only one that can put her through.

After 2 months of knowing her and as first semester exams got closer she told me that we would read together which wasn’t my style but I obliged because she’s a lady.

I went to her place one afternoon, 3pm, and we started studying past questions together. After 2 hours of reading she told me she wanted to prepare food for us to read that I should wait so we eat together. When she came back from the kitchen she said she wanted to have her bath.

I wanted to excuse her but she said no so I stared at the books while she undressed. She came back from the bathroom and suddenly laid naked behind me saying today is the day she’ll deal with me because I’ve been avoiding her and that I must have s*x with her. I told her I had a girlfriend, she said she’d implicate me if I struggled with her.

I gave several excuses but she didn’t fall for them. At this point I had no choice but to do it. She noticed I was unhappy afterwards. I asked if she was satisfied since she achieved her aim and she said no. I angrily packed my books and left.

My roommate noticed I was unhappy and asked what happened but I told him not to worry. I slept off angry. She called and sent messages saying she was sorry , pleading that it won’t happen again. She sent my friend to beg me without telling him what she did. I forgave her because I’m an open minded person. After that I decided not to go to her house again.

One Saturday I was with fresh year students coaching them outside my room when I saw her coming again. I asked why she was there and she asked if it was a crime to visit me.

I said no problem and offered her a seat. Ten minutes later she said she wanted to charge her phone and I told her to go inside. Minutes later she hadn’t come outside and I wondered what was wrong.

I went in, saw her seated and asked why she left me outside and she said she was chatting with her friend. I went inside to take something and she locked my door. I said ‘don’t start that drama again.’

After struggling with her for a few minutes, she threatened to kill herself with a knife. I had no choice but to sleep with her again. She took advantage of me twice because she’s a lady and if a guy screams that he’s been raped nobody would believe him.

Till today I’ve not told my wife this story. I feel in our society people don’t focus on men being raped they only focus on ladies. There are many instance when ladies rape guys. Every time I saw her I had this feeling of hatred towards her and ladies for one year.

I didn’t talk to her since though she tried every means to apologize to me but I didn’t give her the opportunity. I kept it as a secret but every time I saw her I always flashback to the incident and I feel this sudden resentment.

It was a very bad experience and affected me psychologically. I mean, how would one explain that he was raped by a lady. This also changed my perspective to women until my last year in the university when I met someone I love and changed this thought.

It was difficult for me to forgive her because I felt used and forced. My self esteem was dealt with seriously, but I have since forgiven her and moved on.

My advice to guys is if you have a female friend that seduces you, that’s the right time to leave her and cut off the relationship because you don’t know what will happen if you decide not to do what they want and if she tells people you raped her that could be a serious issue.

This is just to share my experience that ladies are not the only people with the rape story. Infact, guys are also exposed to RAPE as well.


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