SPELL&THRILL!, an indigenous spelling competition fashioned around the similitude of the global spelling competition format, is cross cultural with no religious, ethnic or gender barriers, and brings whole families together. This has endeared SPELL&THRILL! as the spelling brand of the new generation. SPELL&THRILL! is an innovative brandbonding and corporate visibility channel, capable of creating long term brand loyalty. Worldwide, interactive competitions like SPELL&THRILL! have engender social responsibility awareness which directly influences various population segments thereby encouraging sustainable human capital and people development.

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Our mission is to develop cognition and stimulate intellectual literacy by improving vocabulary, spelling techniques, stage comportment, cum confidence, building self esteem through an enhanced and conceptual learning experience of students in well organised, well sustaining , continuing education programs.


This competition is open to Primary & Secondary Schools (both private and public)

Registration is ongoing for the 4th edition of SPELL&THRILL!, bid to kick start with the senatorially zoned elimination stages on October 4th, 2016.

For enquiries, visit www.spellandthrill.com
Or our Facebook page :www.facebook.com/spellandthrillcompetition

“The vision is clear, the path is paved and the clock is ticking.”

SPELL&THRILL!… the spelling brand of the new generation.

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