Jiji is a place where you can get absolutely everything. It is the biggest classifieds in the country – a website with an impressive number of adverts posted by people who have something for sale. It is very easy in use, with smart user-friendly interface and huge selection of stuff. Jiji’s users don’t have to worry about process, their time or security. That’s why the number of users keeps growing.


Nowadays, Jiji has become an alternative to an ordinary market. Or, maybe, it is better to say that Jiji is a new advanced form of market, which managed to move to completely new domain and to start using all its benefits. People still come here to sell things, but now they post ads (for free, by the way), and those ads are available for people from all over the country. Thus, a market moves from local to state level.


There is one more feature making Jiji close to being a good old market. It doesn’t sell anything. It is a platform, which provides users with virtual counters and creates all necessary conditions for convenient shopping. Here you can be sure that a user on the other side is a real person, who was verified and provided valid contacts.


Jiji is the best place for getting all you need for decorating a living place. There is a category called Home Accessories in bigger Home and Garden section, offering a wide selection of things. You get the access to adverts posted by people from all over the country. It increases chances for finding exactly what you need. An opportunity to compare several offers by opening them in different tabs lets you choose the best one and avoid wasting money for things you don’t need, buying them “just in case”.

That is only a small part of what Jiji can offer its users. As evidenced by over 530,000 ads and more than 10,000,000 monthly visitors, the benefits work.

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