Steps to giving your Man some good orgasms

Take charge

A lot of (selfless) men won’t allow themselves to enjoy their own orgasm, as they’re too busy caught up in the performance of it all. But not this time. Tell your guy to relax, and take the night off — encourage him to focus on himself without worrying about taking care of you.

You know how men like to rush during s*x nah, don’t agree when it’s your turn to give orgasms, tell him “Olówó orí mí” calm down. Tell him it’s your turn to make him feel good that night (can be day) tell him sweet words.

Tease Him

Get your guy all riled up by teasing him. During foreplay, play a little hard to get with some gentle caresses and kisses here and there, lick his belly, watch him go crazy. If you’re on top during your session, stop the action and seductively go down his body until you’re at the end of the bed. Once there, give him a little “come hither” smile. You know what to do next. Trust me Daddy Segun will never forget such experience

Talk to him

See Ehn Aunty, communication is key in lovemaking, very key you don’t need to shout, Use your words and flattery to get him to come to you, quite literally. Whisper some naughty (or nasty) thoughts into his ear while you’re riding him, or in missionary position..

When he’s hitting it from behind, look back at him and let him know just how much you love it. When you sense that he’s approaching climax, tell him you can’t wait to see him orgasm….oohlalah

Make it last

Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay — incorporate lots of it. Foreplay is never enough, While men have this strong, evolutionary desire to climax immediately, try and make the session last long enough for a truly eventful finish. The longer the pre-game, the stronger the party. You get?

Use your mouth

Whether it’s during foreplay or the actual act (tibitibi) offer your man some oral. When you’re down below, slowly slide your mouth all the way down to the base of his member. Then, make a vacuum suction with your mouth as you bring yourself back up, slowly, without teeth. Once you get to the head of his penis, release it from your mouth with a “pop.” Now repeat….. He’ll get to heaven and back, who’s his daddy.

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Mo Darasimi Adeyemo is a wife, Mother, s*x analyst and entrepreneur. Chef and owner of CymeSensation (Alátasúé). She loves Music, writing and probably surfing the internet.

Mo spends her spare time with her kids, and her love narrative is simple: it takes two genuine and dedicated people to make a relationship or a marriage work out. You can connect with Mo on Facebook here.

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