Sunday romantic message(s). Just before you step out to church or wherever it is you will be heading to, send these Sunday romantic messages to the love of your life.

20 Beautiful Sunday Romantic Message(s)

The Sunday romantic message(s) are just for you to share with the one you love. Won’t you go ahead and start sharing now?

1 Start your Sunday with a heart so beautiful and clean. Commit your ways to God and he will be with you and bless you. Happy Sunday Darling. May the peace of the almighty envelope you.

2 The Sunday is here. A new day is here in a new way. I will always be here praying for you ans saying that God should protect you in every way possible. Have the most blissful Sunday ever. I love you darling.

3 I wish you the very best of this day, and I pray that you remain cheerful and believe in the opportunities that abound before you. Have a blissful and restful Sunday darling. God is with you today and forever.

4 I pray that you stay happy and contented with the gifts that God will shower on you today. May your day be beautiful and prosperous and may all your wishes and dreams come to pass. Have a beautiful Sunday darling.

5 Remember to enjoy this beautiful day. No matter your condition or predicament, put God first in everything you do and he will just surprise you. Embrace your sadness with joy and peace in your heart. Wait for the blessings of God today and you will be amazed at what he has in stock for you. Have an amazing Sunday.

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6 Give as much as you can. Smile as much as you can and love as much as you can. I love you with everything in me. Have a great and happy Sunday baby.

7 Today that you are not here with me, I am sure I am going to miss you. Although I understand that you need to be where you are right now, I am nonetheless praying that God should protect and bless you. Have a great and lovely Sunday ahead. Peace be unto you.

8 I love this Sunday because it reminds me of the fact that we are going to see tomorrow. So have an amazing Sunday as I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow already. Have a great one today baby. I love you.

9 I pray that this Sunday will ease the stress of the new week from you. May lines fall into beautiful places for you and may you have all reason to be happy this week. Have a nice Sunday my love. I love you forever and always.

10 Just as you have started your Sunday bright and beautiful, may you also end it in a bright and beautiful way. May God’s blessings never depart from you darling. I love you always.

11 may you come in touch with lots of fun, adventure and happiness this Sunday and the next and the next to come. may you find every reason to stay happy in enjoyment. May your new week be great and amazing. Have a nice Sunday and a bright new week, God is with you dear.

12 I am sending you my love this Sunday and I wishing you the best of the fun you can get. Dance and have fun in church and take away the pain of the previous week from your life. The new week is going to be great and special. Believe it and receive it. Have a romantic Sunday darling. God is with you.

13 Just before the sun pops out of the sky, let me quickly send the is beautiful and romantic Sunday message that your day remains bright and amazing with a lot of calmness and serenity that you deserve.  I wish you and your loved ones a happy Sunday today. Be great.

14 Make sure you relax today because you had a really hectic week last week, and ensure that you get everything ready for the new week to come. I am praying for you and God is with you already. Have a great week ahead.

15 Sunday is the best day to enjoy time with friends, family and loved ones, so chill a little and enjoy the little time you’ve got. Have fun all through your Sunday and God is with you already. Happy Sunday darling. See you soon.

16 may you stay happy, blessed, and healthy today. May good news never be your enemy. You will encounter greatness as you start your Sunday movement and remember that my love will forever be with you. Have a wonderful day and a blessed Sunday. Stay happy baby.

17 Wish you plenty FUN this SUNday. This Sun will come with all the brightness that will fill your day with lots of lights and positivity. I am cheering for you as you go about your daily activities. I am sure God is with you already. have a great day and amazing week dear.

18 Wherever you go and no matter where you find yourself. Always smile to radiate the glory of God in your life. You will exceed all expectations this week dear. Have a great and bright Sunday ahead. God is with you already. Be good.

19 God will patch all the roughness in your day and make you happen. Whenever you feel sad and weak today, remember to tell God about it and he will bring you renewed hope and strength. Have a happy Sunday.

20 Sunday, the new day is here. With plenty of activities and things to do. Remain cheerful today and believe that with God nothing is impossible. All things are possible. Believe in yourself and believe in God. he will perfect everything that concerns you and bring you the peace that you deserve in your life. Have a great Sunday dear. God’s blessings upon you.


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