S*x doll in Nigeria innovation- Nigerians have gone haywire with reports on the new release of a new s*x doll named ‘Shakira’. The picture was seen on Monday, 15th January when it was shared on Twitter, and as expected, it did not take too long before Nigerians jumped on the trend and it went viral.

Sx doll in Nigeria

Celebrities criticize the S*x doll in Nigeria?

Notable among celebrities who jumped on the s*x doll innovation was WizKid who seemingly criticized the idea of having s*x dolls replace Nigerian ladies. See Wizkid’s tweet below:

A lot of other Nigerians have welcomed the idea and stated that it was a new innovation that was worth the effort. See the various hilarious tweets on the S*x dolls in Nigeria:


See the information posed on Instagram on the S*x Doll in Nigeria fuss:

Features and estimates amount of the s*x doll in Nigeria:

It was gathered that the doll costs $2,300 which is about N800,000. The doll has statistics of Full bust: 37.8 inch, Waist: 26.4 inch, Hips: 43.3 inch, Weight of 48.5kg and height of 5ft, 4 inches.

Reports in Germany over the Shakira s*x doll:

Since the s*x doll came into existence, reports from Germany has indicated that a s*x brothel was opened where a man can walk in make love with the doll at the rate of N40,000 per hour!

sx doll in nigeria

As reactions continue to trail the invention of this S*x doll in Nigeria. Read below comments and opinions of Nigerians on this subject matter.

A Nigerian Hymar Ayodeji shared this hilarious but yet controversial post on Facebook, which drew a response from another Nigerian Festus Adibe. See below:

Advantages of Woman over s*x doll.

1. Woman won’t shock your pre*k one day.

2. Woman asks for just 5k coldstone once a week only . S*x doll asks for 5k fuel money to charge am every 3 days.

3. S*x doll can’t claw your back.

4. S*x doll cannot suddenly catch anointing and be vibrating there, while you stand back and take pride in your handiwork.

5. Squeezing rubber yansh? Seriously guys?

6. Will your breast suck itself?

7. S*x doll cannot grab your ass or wrap legs around you to ginger you into commando mode.

8. S*x doll won’t make you breakfast as appreciation for finishing work.

9. S*x doll is static. Same old same old. Woman fit shock you with beast mode and other surprises.

10. Kissing a s*x doll? Bwahahahahahahahaha.

11. S*x doll cannot give it to you so good, you forget where you keep sense and say, Nne, your village far at all?

12. S*x doll cannot sweat or give you that mad missionary heat.

13. 69 with a s*x doll? Wetin you wan lick? Battery?

14. How do you do make up s*x with a s*x doll? Pull out its battery with pretend vex, smash it then buy new one and say, sorry babe, oya let’s smash? Clowns.

15. S*x doll cannot order you a copy of The Gundown by Hymar David to thank you for correct servicing.

Festus Adibe in his reponse to Hymar in his Facebook post responded with the comment below:

You must be referring to the old model. We’ve made a few upgrades to our product since. To answer your questions:

1. It will never shock your preek. The synthethic flesh that it is made of does not conduct electricity

2. Our new battery upgrades means that one full charge (about as long as it takes to charge an iphone) can last 36 hours which is roughly a whole month if you use it for about an hour a day. If you are a one-minute man, it can last you a whole decade

3. Lol who said our s*x doll can’t claw your back? Have you actually tried our product?

4. “S*x doll cannot suddenly catch anointing and be vibrating there, while you stand back and take pride in your handiwork”.
You obviously haven’t tried our product yet. Lol

5. The silicone, feels just like skin. Even smoother

6. Yes Stephanie 2.0 can suck your breasts. It can do whatever you are into.

7. When we said whatever you are into, we meant whatever you are into.

8. If you install the make breakfast app she will make breakfast. She will even go to the shops and buy ingredients if you like

9. S*x doll is static? Hahahahahahahaha

10. Yes kiss her. She comes fitted with the flavoured saliva of your choosing

11. A trial will convince you

12. Of course she can sweat. You can even adjust her body temperature to be just right for you.

13. Stephanie’s vagina comes with 3 flavours pre-installed. You can order more flavours for your cunnilingus satisfaction.

14. You don’t do make up s*x because she never really breaks up with you but if you want, we can install the break up simulator and she will break-up and make up with you as often as you like.

15. Lol, of course she can order your book if you connect her to the internet. Plus we are working closely with Apple to add Siri to her OS so she can even read it to you in her s*xy voice if you like.

Other reactions of the s*x doll in Nigeria trending issue on Facebook:

We decided to ask a number of Nigerians their opinion on the trending s*x doll in Nigeria.

Ayo on Whatsapp said:

I feel the frenzy and the excitement coming from the camp of perverts whose daily inspiration is s*x and the thought of it.
While not sounding archaic or spiritual, I understand the concerns over the substitution of humans with synthesized inanimate objects with dildos, vibrators and the likes but I personally have this curiosity over how satisfying the rubber dolls would be to our s*xual hormones as compared to the real s*xual intercourse with a consenting adult. The price makes it out of reach to the poor and I think it’s use would be restricted at the moment to the rich kids and privileged class.

Alice had this to say on the S*x doll issue:

I have not really read anything about the s*x doll thing cos I can’t be bothered… Whites steady keep creating stuff… I have seen a robot with real facial expressions, reads, can answer your question, hates sport on CNN. So, I was not shocked… Plus you know there’s actually a vagina clamp for men where you can chook your thing when you’re horny.Β I’m sure they just upgraded the whole thing so you can see Bobby to press and have more humanly feel. LOL!

Tobiloke said this:

It could be reasonable because you know girls have toys too. So a s*x doll is like a male toy and pass time for Nigeria men.

Damilola when asked about the S*x doll trending issue had this to day:

But I sha don’t understand why you would leave warm body for robot and you would say ya okay?Β Someone would now say women are treating men anyhow. I agree and it isn’t good and vice versa. But see ehn, if you treat yourself right, you would attract the right kind of person or who treat you like a king and you would treat her like a queen. Except if you just love the drama and just like anyhow people o.Anyway sha, but can someone get electrocuted from releasing inside the robots?

Esther Adeniyi had this to say on Instagram:

E go soon be like dildo. Don’t mind these folks whining o, they will all buy. Let’s bet it. Ehn Ehn, I dinor forget that package o, I don use am for T-fare. I go holla as soon as e land.

Temitayo had this to say on Facebook:

I’m a s*x doll mechanic,, contact me today for your installation and maintenance of your s*x doll, we test it after repair before handing over to the owner. Try us today.

Westbrook had this hilarious comment on Facebook:

I will buy 2 s*x dolls at 800k each, total is 1.6 million.
I’ll put up my s*x dolls for rent, and charge 30k for 3 hours of tremendous s*xual experience.
I’ll make 150k daily with an average of 5 customers, which amounts approximately to 55 million Naira by the end of 2018

Ugochukwu Elekwa also had this comment on Facebook:

The truth is that, based on the rave this thing is generating, it will attract the interest of Artificial intelligence and Materials scientists and U’ll be shocked where this is going. U’ll be amazed as to what these dolls can do soon. They will definitely be Internet connected to a server somewhere ( maybe playboy mansion… Lol!) And they’ll keep updating over the air, by the day… Becoming as perverse as the human mind can imagine.Β But I laugh to imagine what will happen if a hacker gains access to such a server. U fit hear say many men worldwide dey go treat their phallus for hospital cos of “domestic accidents “.

While all of these comments could be hilarious and uncalled for. The trending s*x doll in Nigeria is as sensitive to us as it is to some other Nigerians. The question from our end really is:

1. Can you make love to a s*x doll?

2. Is this truly an innovation?

3. Is this not the beginning of the end already?

We await your feedback and comments!



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