DeeDee’s counseling service primarily offers relationship counseling. Everything about love and relationships is attended to at DeeDee’s counseling service. So, you might need advice or help concerning your relationship with your partner, DeeDee’s counseling service is always glad to help you through it! You don’t need to go far. Not at all.

You might ask, ‘Do I need counseling in my relationship?’ Well, it isn’t until you have problems or issues in your relationship before you talk to a counselor. You could employ the services of a counselor on how to better your love life and make it more enjoyable and love filled for both you and your partner.

You could also contact Deedee if you need counseling before marriage. People keep emphasizing the importance of marriage counseling before tying the knot with your lover. And truly it can’t be over emphasized. Marriages are not to be rushed into at all. A counselor can help you in finding your way. That is part of the reason why DeeDee’s counseling service was set up. To help you through all relationship related issues you might have. And you are guaranteed the best of the best of relationship counseling!

Steps in contacting DeeDee’s relationship counseling service for Telephone Counseling

Step 1: You can contact Deedee via email

You may contact DeeDee on his email address at Send an email to that address stating why you need a counseling session. And you also state the type of counseling you would prefer. Should it be email or online counseling or would you prefer telephone counseling? Although, telephone counseling is highly recommended and it is what this article is about.

Step 2: You are then to schedule a talk time with DeeDee

After sending the email to ask for a counseling appointment, you would have to schedule a talk time with DeeDee. When will you be free to talk on the phone? That is if you want telephone counseling. If you would prefer it via email, you would still need to schedule an online time when you will be fully available online to engage. Scheduling a talk time is important so the counselor can get prepared and also be free at the same time you would be free.

Step 3: There will be an initial conversation to discuss the issues first of all

When you finally decide on your available time to talk for the counseling session, you will have to engage in an initial discussion of your issues first with the counselor. This is important so that the counselor can have a rough idea of your issue and how best to help you. This step is before the real telephone counseling session. So, maybe you want counseling before getting married, you are highly welcome. Whatever issue you may want to speak with a relationship counselor about, we are here to help you! But the counselor will have to have an idea of what you would like help on. So as to know how best to help you.

Step 4: There will now be a profound telephone discussion

So, after stating your issues and the attending counselor has gotten a picture of what your issue is, you can then proceed into the telephone counseling session! Which is the real deal! You get to be given expert, trained and unbiased advice concerning whatever issues you have. Getting advice from a professional third party counsellor allows you to see things from the outside perspective and get the most realistic advice and help.

Step 5: Would you prefer a one on one counseling session instead of phone calls?

Would you prefer face to face counseling sessions? Probably you want to see the counselor one on one so that you can better table your issues and express yourself fully. Or you want to have a counseling session along with your partner? Then you would have to state that in the email you initially send to Deedee. You will state clearly that you would prefer face to face counseling session instead of online or telephone counseling.

Step 6: Can you do Skype or Whatsapp videos?

Are you willing to have your session through Skype or Whatsapp videos? If yes, kindly state it in the initial email you send to Kindly state that you would want an online video session with a relationship counselor. We can help with that too. We are available on Skype as well as Whatsapp.

Step 7: You would be required to pay for just a token for a telephone counseling session?

Are you willing to pay for an online counseling session? That is, counseling through email and any other online means. Are you willing?

Paid online counseling sessions has a lot of distinct and significant advantages over the other free counseling methods. You get total in depth analysis of your issues, absolute follow up for feed back on prescribed solutions. If you want the total paid counseling package, you can state in the email you send to DeeDee that you would prefer to have the paid online sessions. And then start your process of getting professional help.

Step 8: Are you willing to pay to see a psychologist?

Or would you prefer seeing a psychologist? If you would prefer the services of a psychologist, simply state in the email you send to DeeDee. Speaking to a psychologist comes with payment as well. Psychologists are readily available to help you through the emotional distress that you are in.

Above is a step by step analysis of how you can speak with Deedee. If you would love a counseling session, please follow the steps outlined and send that first email demanding a counseling session. You are so highly welcome!


A lot of problems we have in relationships today are stemmed from the fact that a lot of lovebirds prefer to keep issues to themselves, not knowing that more damage is being down emotionally to your sense of psychology. Whenever you encounter issues in your relationship or marriage, instead of speaking with family and friends whose judgement and advise might be biased, you should envisage speaking with a third party counselor like DeeDee who can help give an unbiased perspective to situations and issues, while helping you get yourself back from the mental or emotional trauma that you are presently going through.

See what you need to do today whenever you are facing that emotional issue, pick up your internet enabled phone and send that email to right away! DO NOT MAKE ANY DRASTIC DECISIONS ON YOUR OWN UNTIL YOU SEE A PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR!

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